Shall provoke our Twa Twa spirit And dance to the Twa twa tune I will wait!


BY Evelyne Ongogo Okoth

I am seated at the patio
I will sit till the sun comes down
I will sit till the sweat on my back
Flows down my spine
And settles at the edge of my small cloth
I will sit and wait for him whose breath
Shall provoke our Twa Twa spirit
And dance to the Twa twa tune
I will wait!

I am in the farm fetching herbs
He for whose voice I wait
Had yesterday complained
Of strength diminishing in his muscles
And accused me of the noodles and feeble soup I prepared
He complained bitterly about the foods I buy cheaply from the small kiosk in neighbourhood for fear of trekking to the market
Today my back trawls in the farm to fetch the Twa twa herbs
I shall feed him
For he must complete the dance
That he at yester-moonlight would not
I shall wait!

I am seated at the fire place
I am warming my heart and soul
My husband will be home in a while
The soup will be ready for a while
The Twa-lets will be asleep in a while
Dreaming TWA-less dreams
Hours are sprinting by
The spirit of my womanhood is bracing for the dance
I am a woman
I know how to Twa and Twa!
I will wait!

How can a grown woman released from the tethers of her father
And delivered to the tethers of her father’s son in law fail to sing Twa twa?
Will we not accuse her of madness!
Does such woman not know that Twa twa is not
Or rugby!

In the bathroom, we shall sing Twa twa!
In the kitchen, we shall not fail to Twa twa!
In the car, we won’t stop Twa twa!
And everywhere, we shall paint with Twa twa!
Who can stop us?

Let me sit and wait for my partner in Twa twa
To come we sing Twa twa!
And eat Twa twa!


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