Friends Of Sebuleni Program


Friends of Sebuleni is an exciting programme aimed at promoting and honing creative writing skills among Kenyans, by providing various incentives. 


Sebuleni [] is an online fiction and features magazine that gives Kenyan published and yet to be published upcoming writers, a platform to showcase their creative works mainly prose and poetry.  Through the magazine, the upcoming writers not only gain confidence in their work, but also get closer to publishing their work into books. Sebuleni which published its first articles in April 2018.

As it enters its third year, Sebuleni would now like to go a notch higher by introducing a programme where our writers, readers and anyone interested, can participate in a thrilling initiative that will earn them a passive income while they contribute towards a worthy cause. They can do this through a new initiative which we have called Friends of Sebuleni [FOS] Programme.




With an annual membership fee of just sh1,000, F.OS. Programme will not only earn you regular commissions, but will also resources for the promotion of creative writing in the following ways.

  • Training – seminars and workshops and boot camps in creative writing;
  • Incentives in cash and kind for Sebuleni writers;
  • Donating reading material to schools or clubs nominated by you;
  • Annual writing competitions;
  • Publication of writers’ journals and anthologies.


Your benefits as a member of F.O.S

    1. Direct Commission from new members joining with your link
    2. Special anniversary cash bonuses
    3. Airtime for amounts less than sh1,000
    4. Shopping vouchers for books 
    5. Book Donations to a school of your choice 
  • Scholarship to study a course in creative writing 


Once you pay your annual membership fee of sh1,000 you will receive a special link which will be unique to you. You will use this link to invite friends, relatives by email or on social media, and whenever we get a new member using your link, you will get a commission of Sh334. The more you invite the more you receive Sh334, meaning that when you get your first three, you will have recovered your investment.

Each time you earn your commission you can choose to take the money or other offers such as books or services.


If you bring

No of people  Commission

1  334/= [Cash, airtime, or books]

668/=  [Cash, airtime, or books]

5  1,002/= [Cash, airtime or books]

10  3,340/= [Cash, books, or writing course]

20  6,680/= [Cash, books or writing course]


There is no limit to a number of people you can bring in, and you decide at what point you want to withdraw, and take the above commissions. 

Special bonuses = Book donations to a school of your choice 

Coming Soon other special bonuses such as Anniversary gift, and monthly prize for highest recruiter.

Once you join, you will be able to monitor the progress of your commissions through your BACK OFFICE of the Sebuleni site, after logging in, and you will be able to withdraw your commissions through Mpesa, or to your bank account.



We invite you to join this initiative by paying your membership fee of sh1,000  [USD10]. Part of this money will be channeled towards the above SEBULENI ACTIVITIES while the rest will be placed in an affiliation fund which will reward members of the programme on a regular basis.


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