You made me a monster, The monster you must live with, It is a choice you made.


By Anita W.

I came in the name of love,

Gave every bit of myself to you,

Every bit of my heart and love,

Gave up my dreams and career,

To prove my undying love for you,


Looks like my love wasn’t good enough,

You sold me to the highest bidder,

You left me in their hands,

You left me at their mercy,

To save your life at the expense of mine.


I pleaded with you,

Begged to you to stay with me,

Or at least hold me as I have my last breath,

You did not turn back,

To you I was already dead.


They beat me, burned me, and defiled me,

But all that was nothing,

Compared to the pain I felt,

When you walked out on me.


When they were done with me,

They dragged me to the trash pit,

Like garbage I was treated,

For they were very sure I was a thing of the past.


I was cold, both in and out,

My face disfigured and my body aching,

Left with no hope, confidence or pride,

I was torn and devastated.


But I remembered you,

You gave me a reason to live again,

I sought strength from hatred,

The hatred I felt for you,

For I hated you with the same passion I had loved you,


Now I’m back,

Back in your life, house and bed,

Back with a different face, and motive,

Every angelic smile you get,

Beneath lays total darkness,

Darkness you hardly know about.


My heart is bleeding vengeance,

Every breath I take is filled with hatred,

It has consumed me, devoured me,

I want this revenge so bad,

And revenge will I get.


Causing you pain is my thrive,

Seeing tears roll from your eyes gives me satisfaction,

Seeing you drain yourself in your own sorrow makes me smile,

You made me a monster,

The monster you must live with,

It is a choice you made.


Bit by bit I will destroy you,

Slowly I will take what is dear to you,

I will watch as life drain from you slowly,

Watch you beg to die,

And as you are about to take your last breath,

I will give you your very last gift,

The gift of knowing who I really am.

©Anita W.








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