By Jedidah Ohanga

The two men stood there looking at each other. They had received a blow they didn’t expect and that somewhat excited them even more. They were used to the fact that most African women were so much into white men that would melt with lust for money in their presence.

They were mistaken for Rozzina was different. She actually desired their company but before allowing them to join her, she had to put a point across to them. She had to play hard. Not all women were cheap, and not every single lady sitting in a bar was there to sell herself.

They politely requested to join her, but she told them she didn’t own the bar and anyone was free to sit there and drink till they dropped.

They laughed at her forthrightness and Kyle pulled a stool right next to her while Brian sat on the next one. They ordered a bottle of Martini and started to drink without speaking to Rozzina. Kyle was more talkative than Brian, who just smiled like a dummy all the time.

After ten minutes of silence, Rozzina got bored and decided to leave. She was climbing down her stool when Kyle caught her hand. She was already tipsy and needed some manly attention.

“You are leaving already! Isn’t it too early?” Kyle asked still holding her hand.

“What does it look like I am doing? I have had enough and I need to go and rest. It may be early for you but too late for me,” she replied in a drunken tone.

“I will buy you one more glass of wine. Please stay, just one more. I like you and you have proved to us that you are an independent woman. Let’s get to know each other more please” Kyle begged.

Rozzina let her guard down and accepted to stay a little longer. She excused herself to go to the washrooms fist.

She was getting too drunk and that wasn’t her style

When she came back, there was a glass of wine waiting for her. Being very wary of strangers, she didn’t have a good feeling about that drink. She paid for it and told the bar man to pour it out and serve her another one that Kyle would pay for. She thought she had made a smart move, but it wasn’t smart enough.

The waiter took another “glass” and served her as she watched. Kyle and Brian watched keenly as she sipped the drink slowly. They asked her more questions which she wasn’t inclined to answer. In order to know her, you had to be aggressive like her, she wasn’t the easy type even when drunk. Her pants hardly fell; she liked doing things her way, being in control of her feelings and what happened around her.

She was getting too drunk and that wasn’t her style. She had to go to her room and lie down. She tried to climb down from the stool but the ground seemed to be further down, as if a hole had been dug on the floor. She took her phone and purse and asked Kyle to help her down. He stood up and carried her down.

She was too drunk to walk, and was having double vision. What had they done to her? What did the bar man put in her drink. She tried to speak but nothing came out of her mouth. “Which is your room madam, I can take you there” Kyle offered.

The barman, who happened to know her room number, gave it to Kyle. Rozzina was a bit heavy, so Kyle asked Brian to help him take her to the room. Once they reached her room, they took the key from her purse and opened the door. They removed her clothes and lay her on the bed. Kyle took her phone and purse and put them neatly on the bed-side stool. They stood there admiring her nakedness and were startled by a sudden knock on the door……

Both Kyle and Brian looked at each other in surprise.

“It must be the bar manager checking if we have brought her to the right room” Brian whispered.

Good night” Max said and pushed them out

“Who is it?” Kyle asked.

“I would like to talk to my wife” a heavy voice said from outside.

Kyle and Brian looked at each other in awe. Kyle went to the door and slowly opened it. Brian remained behind admiring Rozzina’s fine ass without any care at all. Immediately Kyle opened the door, Max busted into the room and asked Kyle what they were doing in his wife’s room.

He had to explain from the start of how they met at the bar and were just getting to know her. They didn’t know she had already had too much too drink and so they thought it wise to bring her to sleep.

“In fact we were just about to leave sir” he said.

“Damn! I leave her for a minute and two men are all over her. Thanks for your help anyway. Now can you both leave please? My wife and need to sleep,’’ Max said.

“It wasn’t like that. She is faithful. Good night sir,” said Kyle.

“Good night” Max said and pushed them out as Brian struggled to have a last look at Rozzina’s body.

After a short while, Max peeped outside to see if there was anyone along the hotel corridor. It was all quiet and the two men were long gone.

The pain cut throughout her whole body

He then got back in and undressed fully. He then placed his clothes neatly in the wardrobe and stood by the bed looking at Rozzina with rage. It was payback time. He was going to do to her what he has been planning for a very long time.

She had humiliated him and now it was his turn to humiliate and destroy her. She was going to beg him for forgiveness and promise never to do to any man what she did to him.  The drug he had given to the bar man to put it her drink would soon wane out and she will be back to her senses. He wanted her to look him in the eyes as he raped her!

After waiting patiently for an hour, Rozzina started to sober up a little. That is when Max started to formally kiss her in the mouth as he lay full length on her. She tried to push him away but he was too heavy. He squeezed her boobs hard and she groaned in pain beseeching him to stop. It was totally dark in the room and she didn’t even know who it was.

She lay there helplessly as Max parted her legs and penetrated her painfully. He thrust inside her with all his might. The thrusting was too much until she felt her cervix tearing off. The pain was more than she could bear; she kept passing out and coming to, on and off. As he did that he slapped and strangled her. He wanted to her to experience the worst pain ever.

She struggled to push him away anytime she got her strength back, but he wasn’t done with her. He slowly turned her over so that she lay on her stomach. He then did the worst, he sodomised her. The pain cut throughout her whole body. It was unbearable and despite her gasps of screams, nothing came out of her mouth. Her voice was gone. She kept seeing bright flashes of lights across her face. She was in a deep endless chasm screaming for help but no one could hear her. There was a huge snake charging at her, fangs out ready to strike but she just stood there helplessly waiting to die from its poison. She was dying alone and in pain. Her dad with his gun was not there to protect her and her dignity. Her body and private parts was being torn apart by a ‘stranger’.

He slapped her hard as he left the bed

Once again, she went numb and passed out. Max didn’t care whether she was feeling him or half dead… He was out to destroy her private parts. She would never want to be touched by any other man ever. For two hours he molested, raped and ripped off Rozzina’s natural openings. She was bleeding profusely by the time he was done with her. The bed sheets were soaked in blood. He wasn’t even aware of what damage he had done to her. She was half dead, barely breathing. He had gotten his revenge and he felt proud and contented with his heinous act.

He slapped her hard as he left the bed. “Serves you right bitch” he said and then spat on her hair. He went to the bathroom, took a quick shower, dressed up and left her for the dead. He had no regrets, Rozzina deserved to die.

The Hotel was quiet. He found his way to the bar. Kyle and Brian were still there poisoning their lungs.  There were a few other guests too. He went straight to the counter and asked for vodka double. He took it in a gulp, removed a wad of clean 1000 notes from his wallet and gave it the barman.

“Keep change you bastard” he said and everyone turned to look at him. They continued looking at him curiously as he made his way out with confidence and pride whistling like a herdsman.

“Is that how much double vodka costs here?” Kyle asked the bar man with amusement.

“No, I think he is just in a good mood after making out with his girlfriend” he replied.

“How do you know they made out? And by the way he told us she was his wife not girlfriend?”

“He was here earlier and told me he had come to have fun with his girlfriend before going home to his wife. Do you mean the lady you took to the room is the one he came to see? He asked Kyle.

He pretended not to know anything yet he was well aware of why Max was in the hotel.

The next morning ear shattering screams were heard

“Yes and we left her unconscious, so there is no making out they have done at all. Anyway you must thank God for that loot.  You can go buy your own girl some nice panties and perfumes” Kyle teased him.

The barman met Max much earlier even before Rozzina came to the bar. He knew of Max plans to surprise her once she was back in her room. Somehow he had trailed Rozzina to the hotel and hoped that she would go for a drink before settling for the night. He had given the barman the drug to put in her drink so that she could get drunk faster. Max told him they had broken up and he had come to surprise her and beg for forgiveness.

“Being drunk would help with the situation since she is very difficult when sober and this will make her get high faster” Max told him.

But that is not what the whole hotel woke up to the next day.

The next morning ear shattering screams were heard from Rozzina’s room.  Screams that made everyone in the hotel including guests who were still asleep wake up in panic thinking that Al Shabab had invaded the hotel.  The ones who had slept naked came out running in their birthday suits, while others wrapped bed sheets around their waists to hide their “goods”. It was chaotic.

When death knocks you run.

The cleaning lady rushed out of the room screaming and shouting that one of the guests had been murdered in her room.

Word spread like wild fire and when the Hotel Manager came to check what was happening, he too was shocked. Never in the history of his management had anything like that happened. It was a bizarre scene.

Kyle and Brian were tongue-tied

This scandal could ruin his career, he feared, wondering how this had happened.

Everyone who was on duty the previous night was immediately summoned back to the hotel. Records were checked to find out if the woman had been alone, or someone had come in with her. Who was she in touch with? Who saw her last? etc

There was a sigh of relief when the hotel doctor announced that Rozzina was still alive but could barely breathe. She had lost a lot of blood and he wasn’t sure if she was going to make it or not. She was a fighter.

An ambulance was called and within twenty minutes of everyone running up and down, Rozzina was driven off of to the hospital and was immediately taken to the theatre.

Kyle and Brian were tongue-tied. As foreigners they didn’t know whether to come out and speak or not, but they knew the truth would come out somehow. Brian begged Kyle not to talk, but Kyle insisted they were innocent and he was not going to shut up. Rozzina was still alive and maybe will make it through. They were the last people seen with her, if she speaks, they would be arrested, so it was better they come out clean and speak the truth.

They approached the manager and Kyle gave his side of the story, saying that a man, whose name they didn’t know, had come in into the woman’s room as they were putting her to bed, claiming she was his wife.

“We left her with him even though she was unconscious having taken a lot of alcohol,’’ Kyle said. He told the manager how later on the man left and paid a hefty tip to the barman who claimed the man must have been in a good mood.

And do you know the guy’s name?

“The money was too much for a tip” Kyle added.

The barman was summoned to give his side of the story and from the way his lips were shaking the Manager knew something was amiss. He was given water to drink and a chance to speak the truth or be arrested. He said that earlier on that day Max went to the hotel and told him that his girlfriend would be checking in later that evening, and he wanted to surprise her since they had had a bitter quarrel the day before. He had given him some powder stuff to put in her drink “You know she is a bit difficult and that will take her a little bit down and make her forgive me” he had told him.

“And you agreed to help him?  You don’t know the work ethics here?’’ The manager blurted out. Max had showed him Rozzina’s photo on his phone and that made him believe him. He didn’t know that he was out to harm her at all.

“And do you know the guy’s name?” the manager asked him.

“No I don’t and I didn’t ask him” he replied shaking like a leaf. He was lying.

“As of now you are suspended awaiting investigations. You are an accomplice to rape and attempted murder.” The manager told him and locked him in the office as he went to make a call.

That was the most difficult call he would  ever have to make in his entire life. He knew who Rozzina’s dad was. Every time she checked-in in any Hotel, he always called the manager’s to be assured of his daughter’s safety. He was a no nonsense guy and this news was going to bring the Hotel down. It didn’t matter whether whoever committed the crime came from outside. How did he get into the room and on whose authority?

The General answered the call on the second ring and he straight asked,

Is my daughter alive or dead?

“Is my daughter okay?”

“No sir, she is not”

“What happened?”

“Can you please kindly come to the Hotel sir? It is a sensitive matter. She has been taken to the Hospital.”

“Which hospital?” he asked.

“Sir why don’t you just come to the hotel”

“Is my daughter alive or dead?”

“She is alive sir, but in a critical condition”

“Just in one word tell me what happened. I am on my way….”

“She was raped and sodomised” the manager said sadly.

“My little girl, raped and sodomized in your hotel I believe you already have the suspect in custody” he said in a trembling coarse voice.

“I have one staff that played part in letting the suspect in.  I have locked him in my office awaiting your arrival sir”

“Nobody should know I am Rozzina’s dad. Don’t report this to the police and try to keep this tragedy a secret because your hotels reputation is on line, and my daughter’s name needs to be protected” he said and disconnected the line.

The drive from the army base to where his daughter had been raped was the longest drive the he has ever taken. It’s felt like his driver was pushing the car and not driving it. General Tim dealt with such issues on the spot especially if it involved his family.  And he was going to make sure whoever did this to his daughter doesn’t get away with it. He hardly tortured anyone, he handed them to his juniors to do the job. This would be different.

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