By Jedidah Gibbs Ohanga

Rozzina loved her company more than anything else. She was an introvert and an only child who didn’t know how to relate with others. Her father was an army general and the family hardly stayed in one station for a year as her father changed from one station to another.

Rozzina therefore did not have an opportunity to make new friends until when she joined form one.

Sad The first person to touch her boobs, kiss and make love to her was a woman. She was introduced to lesbianism while in form two. It was an act she loathed but, the feeling was good as long as it lasted.

It was a normal in the school as girls kissed during preps and even in the dining hall. Once in a while, there would be fights over who was cheating on whom? And life went on.

Being a smart girl, Rozzina was on top of her class every term and she scored an A in KSCE. At the University she graduated with a degree in Computer sciences after which she got a government job with the Ministry of Finance. That is where she first fell in love with a man.

Unfortunately he was married and the relationship didn’t last long. Rozzina needed so much attention that Ryan couldn’t accord her. She then opted to stay single until she met someone single like her. Two years later she had not found a perfect man and she had no time to mould anyone into what she wanted him to be. She needed an already perfect fully grown man. But where would she get one? She was proud, arrogant and at times too intimidating. She didn’t know how to relate or enjoy anyone’s company.

Nobody liked her except her boss

At the office, nobody liked her except her boss, Mr Gerald who loved her aggressiveness in dealing with government tenders. Rozzina was thorough and articulate.

Despite her tough demeanour, deep down she was still daddy’s girl and was in touch with her father more than she was in touch with reality. She compared every man to him. She mentioned him in every discussion saying how tough he was, although she never mentioned who he was or what he did. Many people therefore assumed that her father only existed in her mind, until the day he showed up in her office in fully army uniform and everyone stood up to ‘salute’ him. Thereafter no one ever joked with Rozzina. She automatically became a no go zone as no one wanted to be shot in the head at close range with an AK47 rifle.

Fed up with being lonely and her body temperatures rising and falling at will, she decided to hit on men using her own ways. She wasn’t going to wait for any man to seduce her; she wanted to enjoy doing the seduction too. She was going to be the man. She wanted to experience how it feels to be rejected or accepted.

She was going to prey on the outsiders and her workmates were not going to be part of it, since her privacy and dignity mattered. Using her seduction prowess, spiced with intelligence and charm, Rozzina haunted clubs and preyed on men thoroughly and aggressively.

Rozzina was one of a kind; she had the money, her demeanour before being provoked was out of this world, cool, calm and collected. She was tall, her body well-toned and hips to die for. Her long piped legs complimented her sexiness. She was a true copy of her mum, who had now become a shadow of herself due to a mild stroke which almost took her life; she survived but never recovered her full speech. That affected her relationship with Rozzina so much that she was in total denial that her once vibrant mum could not speak to her as much as she wanted to.

I came here to hit on men

One Saturday night while on her mission to get a catch, she spotted one of her colleagues in the club. There was no way of hiding from him because he was headed straight to the counter where she was.

“Hello Rozzina, what are you doing here?” Grayson asked while hugging her. She did not acknowledge the gesture since she felt like he was a well fed caterpillar walking around her shoulders.

“I don’t like silly questions Gray, you know what people do in clubs, so that question is a non-issue” she retorted.

“Why are you always so arrogant? Relax your nerves. No man will hit on you if you wear such a serious face”

“I came here to hit on men. So it’s them who should wear a nice face for me. That includes you. But I don’t think you are my type. That goes without say.”

“Don’t judge me before you taste me.”

“Just by looking at you, I can see through your boxers too. Take a walk and this conversation ends here. You never saw me and we don’t work together”. And that is how Grayson took a long walk to hell.

That night was different, as Rozzina almost left empty handed. By 1 am when she usually left the club, she had not spotted anyone worth chatting with and eventually taking home for a game. All she saw was Grayson dashing from one table to another trying to impress other women while trying to draw her attention to his antics. He was a short bald man who would never touch her heart, leave alone her skin.

He was a short bald man who would never touch her heart

While walking out of the club, someone bumped on her and she almost fell. When she looked up expecting an apology, she saw a tall, dark handsome man, who instead of saying sorry, smiled and took her hand, kissed the back of her palm and then apologised like a real gentleman should. He was the one.

“Apology accepted” she said in a sweet tone.

“I am Max,” the guy said.

“I am Tracy” she lied, as usual.

Max asked her why she was leaving so early. She said she was bored and lied that she was going to another club. She was actually headed home but now she was sure she wasn’t going home without a sausage.

“You need company?” Max asked awkwardly.

“If that company is you, then I wouldn’t mind. One hour and I will be off your back” she responded.

How Max ended up in Rozzina’s apartment was a mystery and the next morning he was sent packing like a stray dog; kicked  out and his clothes thrown outside the door. She didn’t like inquisitive men who asked many questions like what she did, her age, where she came from and if she had kids or not. She hated chit chat. If you went to her house for a ‘quickie’, it was for her to ask you questions not the other way round.

She checked-in mostly on Friday evenings after work

Max swore to teach her lesson!  She didn’t care; she was the daughter of an Army general.

After hitting on men for a about six months, and not getting what she wanted except for a few minutes of sex, she gave up and took a break. Maybe she was not cut for relationships. She needed a new hobby that would divert her attention from going to clubs over the weekends.

Her next stop was beach hotels. She had all the money she needed to dine and wine in expensive hotels without any disturbance from any useless Tom, Dick and Harry. She checked-in mostly on Friday evenings after work. The routine was the same, dinner, relaxing at the bar, after a few drinks go to her room, read a book or a magazine or simply watch TV or a movie then sleep.

Her dad always knew of her whereabouts and which hotel she was.

She gradually found this habit quite nourishing and helpful, especially in relieving stress related issues. As a local tourist, she swam, went to the spa, had massages and even enjoyed long walks along the beaches alone. She didn’t share of her whereabouts with any of her work-mates or acquaintances. This was her private affair and she didn’t want anyone inviting themselves to join her. She kept everything to herself.

For a year, at no particular weekend did she interact with any other guests in the hotels. She preferred keeping to herself and acting like she was in a world of her own. Until this one weekend that changed everything…

After one hour drive, she arrived at Dolphin Sea Lodge

On that Friday, her dad had asked her to go and see him before she went to any hotel. He needed to talk with her.

“Is it so urgent dad? I have to drive all the way to South Coast and it is already past 5pm. Couldn’t you call me a bit earlier? Or can we discuss it on the phone while I am on my way?’’ She asked.

“Call me when you arrive at the Hotel, nobody talks on the phone while driving” Her dad cut her short.

After one hour drive, she arrived at Dolphin Sea Lodge. Once she checked in and made herself comfortable she rang her dad. “Hello daddy what was it that you wanted to tell me” she said.

“Nothing my dear, I only wanted to see you. It has been two weeks and your mum is also asking for you. It is not urgent though” he replied calmly.

“Listen daddy, Sunday afternoon I will definitely come. I will check out early morning, then come and see you guys. It has been long I agree and I have missed you too”

“Okay my darling. Have a good time and remember not to talk to strangers”

“I can take care of myself dad, don’t worry about it. Say hello to mum”

“She is right here listening”

She chose a corner table and a waiter took her order

“Hello mum” She shouted on the phone. Her mum’s speech was slurred and that is why she never rang her. It pained her so much that she couldn’t have her mother’s touch.

“She has acknowledged sweetheart. Goodbye and keep in touch” her dad said.

“I will daddy”, and then she disconnected the line with tears oozing from her eyes. She loved her parents very much. They had educated her, taken care of her and they still did as if she was a baby. Once in a while daddy deposited cash in her account, yet she had enough cash to play with.

She took a shower, dressed in a nice black dinner dress and headed for the hotel’s restaurant. You’d think she was meeting the president of the United States himself. But no, Rozzina was dining alone as usual.

She chose a corner table and a waiter took her order of chicken stew and rice. She asked for a glass of red wine too. She was in wonderland as she savoured as the wine pass down her throat so smoothly, giving her that giddy feeling. Then her phone rang. It was her boss.

“Rozzy, queen of Africa, where are you my darling? I thought I would take you out tonight we need to celebrate a successful week” he said.

“Sorry boss, I am already out of town celebrating alone.”

Within thirty minutes her food was ready

“How mean can a woman be, this alone thing will get you killed one day,” he joked.

“Who will kill me? I am beyond death. I am so mean that even the devil can’t stand me. I am in South Coast, join me if you can.

“It is 10pm my dear, can’t hack it. May be next weekend.”

“Count on me. And thanks for the kind offer Sir. Good night”

She chuckled at that weird conversation. What really made her boss think that she would go out with him? She was past office social engagements, not unless it involved all employees – team building kind of thing.

Within thirty minutes her food was ready, and she was busy enjoying her meal when she noticed two white men enter the restaurant. They were of the same height as Max, the dog she threw out of her house. One was quite attractive and the other not really. They waved at her, and she waved back with a mixed feeling.

They were tourists of course, so as a Kenyan she had to be “nice” and greet them back. Free Tourism promotion. She ate without any care in the world. By the time she was through, the restaurant was halfway filled with foreign and local Tourists. Some were already eating, others drinking while waiting to be served. She picked up her phone and headed out to the bar for a drink before going back to her room to sleep.

She then noticed the barman stealing glances at her

As she cat-walked to the door, she saw the two white men eyeing her and she imagined how much they were dying to seduce and take her to bed. Maybe they had even probably undressed and made love to her in their dirty minds. She looked at them directly and they both smiled. She waved bye and they waved back with even wider sinister smiles. Fools! They were interested in the wrong woman….she concluded.

She went and sat at the bar and ordered another glass of wine which she enjoyed as she listened to soft jazz music in the background. She then noticed the barman stealing glances at her. Rozzina knew how to tease such men without intimidating them. “Is there something you want to ask me?” she asked.

“Not at all madam, welcome to our hotel. Haven’t seen anyone like you here before” he said sheepishly.

“You mean I look like an alien?” she joked.

“No, we hardly see beautiful women like you coming in this bar. The ones who come are always with their protective partners”

“I see, thank you. Today is your lucky day. I am alone and my protective partner is myself”

Rozzina turned her stool around showing off her thunder thighs.

“Sometimes it is good for one to enjoy own company; I am only here to serve you. Once again welcome”. She was about to tell him thanks when she felt someone breathing so hard just behind her right ear. She turned only to see the two white men standing right there like two horny teenagers. She sneered at them.

“Hello” the handsome one said. “I am Kyle and this friend of mine here is called Brian”

“I am Tracy. Pleasure to meet you.”

“Are you here alone?” Kyle asked. Rozzina relaxed, turned her stool around showing off her thunder thighs.

“What do you want? You saw me eating alone, and now I am here drinking alone, so obviously I am alone. Get to the point because I don’t like questions, sorry to be a bit to the point.” She replied looking at him straight in the eye, and attracting the attention of the barman.

“Damn! That is quite rude, coming from a beautiful woman like you.’’

“So it’s only ugly women who are supposed to be straight forward?” She asked.

“No, but I didn’t expect that from you,” Kyle said trying to force a smile.

“I am sorry if that hurts, but it is good to be me. I don’t have to be someone I am not to try and fit in your world or please you dear. Anyway welcome to my beautiful country and enjoy your stay” Rozzina said and turned back to her glass of wine.

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