ByJedidah Ohanga

To the hotel manager, Rozzina’s dad arrival was like a terrorist attack.

He wore ordinary clothes so that nobody recognized who he was. First he went to his daughter’s room, one look at the bed and a tear ran down his left cheek.

Some guests still stood around in groups talking in low tones. They assumed that he was a top cop who had come in to investigate the case.

“Let’s go to your office sir, I would like to see the barman. A man-to-man talk with him will lead me to the culprit in less than 24 hours,” Tim roared.

Inside the Manager’s office, the barman was on phone talking to Max. He was angry at him for lying and using him to commit a heinous crime.

“You bastard, you lied to me. I am now in shit and they might hang me for a crime I didn’t commit” He shouted.

“Relax bro. Nobody is going to do anything.  The Hotel will try to protect its name and I am sure that lady won’t make it out alive and even if she does, she won’t talk coz of the shame.

This case is already closed so try and be calm okay. And don’t mention my name.”

I am going to ask you a few necessary questions

“You better get out of town before you get arrested bro. This shit you did isn’t going to die easily like the last one. You went far this time”

He was still engrossed in their blame game and he didn’t even hear the door opening. In a split of second, his phone was snatched from his hands and a tight grip was around his neck holding him high against the wall. Tim was going to kill him with his bare hands if he didn’t speak the truth.

Meanwhile the manager put the phone on loud speaker and Max was shouting; “dude, bro, talk to me, where you at… What’s wrong? I am sorry I didn’t mean to put you in trouble, just be calm and stick to what I told you already.” The line then suddenly went dead.

Tim let go of his grip and the barman fell down on the floor with a thud, hitting his knees hard on the floor. As he screamed in pain, they went through his phone and his conversations with Max were all there.

“Young man, I am going to ask you a few necessary questions. If you answer them truthfully I will kill you, and if you lie I will kill you twice. Choice is yours” Tim told him boldly.

“Please sir don’t kill me, I didn’t know my brother was on a revenge mission, he lied to me that she was his girlfriend and they had had some problems, so he wanted to surprise her and make things work out with her.”

“I haven’t asked you anything yet.  I don’t need your explanations. All I need you to tell me is where this Max guy is right now, I want to know where he lives or where he works” he roared.

The barman gave them all the information needed to have Max apprehended.  Tim called the officers he had come with to arrest the barman. He couldn’t walk and was bundled into the vehicle like a bag of potatoes, never to be heard of again. His body was to be found in a thicket months later as the body of an unknown adult African male.

No questions were asked and no answers expected

Tim also spoke to Kyle and Brian who gave their side of the story and were able to describe Max to him. He thanked them for helping his daughter to her room and not taking advantage of her. He didn’t want to waste more time talking to innocent people. He wanted blood, he wanted revenge. Max had to be found immediately.

He then went to the hospital to see Rozzina. When he arrived she was in surgery, the doctor in charge told him he wasn’t sure if she would make it or not. She has bled a lot and was just hanging on by a thread.

He made a phone call to one senior officer at the base and within an hour about 10 soldiers swam into action. The steel door to Max house was kicked in like it was made of polythene papers. He was found in his boxer watching cartoon without any care at all. No questions were asked and no answers expected He was taken away in his boxers as neighbours watched in shock.

Max was known as a good guy in the whole building which had eight apartments; they knew he couldn’t even hurt a fly. He was kind, jolly and always willing to help. All the women in the building admired him and wished he would propose to them. They wondered what he had done to warrant an arrest. That was the last time they saw Max.

Rozzina’s surgery took 5 hours and once in the recovery room, her dad was allowed to see her. She couldn’t talk and her condition brought Tim to tears. The damage was bad and the doctors told him she might not recover fully. And even if she recovered, her state of mind would never be the same. The trauma was too much. Max had totally destroyed her womanhood.

“That guy was out to tear her apart. The healing will be a long and traumatizing process for her. She will need a lot of care and support. In fact I suggest you transfer her to a private hospital where she can recover without attracting too much attention”

“And why is she not talking?” Tim asked the doctor.

“She is still in shock. I was honest with her and told her what happened. She is not even aware of who did it to her and why.”

It felt like knife stabs

“Thanks doctor. They man who did this has been arrested already.  I am going to deal with him personally” he said and went back to Rozzina’s room. He moved closer and held her hands, she was cold.

When she opened her eyes and saw her daddy, she started to cry hysterically and said “dad I am sorry”.

“Sorry for what baby, you didn’t do anything wrong and I am going to make sure whoever did this to you gets what they deserve. We have him in custody already” he replied while wiping her tears with his handkerchief.

“I don’t remember anything except piercing pain all over my body. It felt like knife stabs all over me.  I couldn’t even scream dad. I had a lot to drink. It is my fault daddy. I want to die because I can’t live like this, with this guilt. I feel dirty and totally damaged.”

“I understand you, but whoever did this to you knows you. It wasn’t a stranger. He bribed the barman who is his cousin to lace your drink with a drug. He later came to your room damaged your body. He is a guy called Max. You know him?”

She told him how they met and what she did to him and why. She didn’t know he took it so personal as to destroy her sexual life in such a manner.

“She started to sob again and Tim couldn’t help but leave her alone. He was so hurt and wanted to keep whatever had happened to his daughter from public eyes. The last person he wanted to know about it was his wife it would kill her instantly.

Later that evening Rozzina was transferred to a Private Hospital where doctors were asked not to allow anyone to see her. Tim rang her boss and filled him in. Her colleagues were told that she had taken an emergency leave and had travelled. Back to the military base, Tim went straight to a room where Max was tied on a chair with chains. He was still in his boxer with no shirt on. He unchained him without saying anything. He then asked him to stand up.

A month later she went to South Africa

“I know what you did to my daughter. I am here unarmed. You and I are going to fight this out like men. And only one of us will leave here alive, so either you kill me or I kill you, period! ”

“Sir, please” Max started to speak.

“Shhhhh no talking, only fighting. Show me the man in you, that man that made you go rape, molest, sodomise and leave my daughter for the dead. She is alive but you have destroyed her future life. Now do the same to me. Show me the man in you Max, come on fight me” Tim said moving closer to Max.

Max knew he was not going to leave that place alive either way, not unless a miracle happened. He had to fight, and as he was moving forward towards Tim with clinched fists ready to throw lousy punches that would save his life; Tim immediately took out his “silencer” from the back of his trouser and shot the bastard right through his forehead. Max died on the spot.

Tim called in his officers to clean the mess. And Just like that, Max was gone like his cousin.

Rozzina was hospitalised for two months. She was like a prisoner in the hospital because only her dad visited her.  After being discharged, she went back to live with her parents. Her mother never came to know what had happened. Tim had all sorts of explanations for her regarding her daughter’s long absence.

She resigned from work and a month later went to South Africa to begin a new life. Her mother had another stroke six months after she left and this time she passed on.  Rozzina at first refused to come back to her home country to bury her own mother. But her father assured her that no one knew why she left. He had convinced the whole family that she had taken up a scholarship to further her education. And due to her introvertive way of life, no one bothered to find out anything.

Her country no longer existed. She had moved on and her dad’s friends helped her settle comfortably in South Africa.  She had no sexual feelings whatsoever and she had recurring nightmares where she could feel a man penetrating her, and her loud screams got her no help.  It was all in her mind. She was determined to move on from those dreams and find comfort in her own body. She visited a therapist thrice a week and even though the healing process was far from over, she knew God would see her through it all. Everything moved in a slow motion, Rozzina was lifeless.

Her Dad flew in once every month to visit her and it is during those visits that she told him how he got rid of Max and his accomplice. “You didn’t have to kill them dad, but I know it made you feel better. So are you planning to marry again? You need company,” she teased him.

“My job is my company. I am too old for romance. Do you plan to live here for good or you will come back home someday. I miss you so much Rozzina. Come back home child”

“Time will tell daddy. Kenya is my country. Of course I will one day want to come back. Let me heal first. God has been good to me and so far so great. I miss you too, everyday”

“I will be waiting for that day Rozzina. Thank you”. Tim said.

That never happened. Rozzina never back home as she had promised. She committed suicide in her South African apartment one week after her father’s last visit. She left a note.

“Thanks to the best dad in the world. You did your best. I have gone to be with mum. You will join us when your time comes”

                                         THE END




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