She looked in the mirror, She could not recognize the woman looking back at her


By Anita W.

She looked in the mirror,

She could not recognize the woman looking back at her,

So thin, emaciated, wrinkled and drained of life,

The woman in the mirror scared the life out of her,


She touched her face,

Her once beautiful dimpled face,

The face that was perfect with no single flaw,

The face that had earned her a beauty queen crown.


Day by day the beauty faded,

Her once healthy athletic body vanished,

Her once big sexy eyes full of life now hollow,

Leaving no trace of her youthful beauty.


She married a monster,

A wolf in sheep’s skin,

She fell in love without thinking twice,

She was happy and thought she would always be.


A year after their big day,

The his true colors he begun to show,

Coming home in a drunken stupor,

Or not coming at all.


He started battering her for no apparent reason,

He became a lecher,

Ogling at every female became his hobby,

Neglecting the only woman that truly loved him.


Torn, betrayed, and scarred,

Both inside and outside,

Has to put a smile on her face though broken,

For the sake of her three children.


She sacrifices her happiness for them,

She endures all the beating and insults for them,

Every abuse hurled at her she handles with bravery,

And wears a happy face for them.


She once thought of leaving him,

But then she looked at them,

How they eagerly waited for his return,

Showering him with hugs and kisses when he arrives.


How could she deny them that?

How could she break the bond between them?

How could she be so selfish to even think of leaving?

She has to stay,

Just to see those little smiles on those little faces.


©Anita W.



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