Second Chance at Love
Stillness surrounding And   transcending all

Second Chance at Love

Mine is a story of heartbreak,

That years ago left me a wreck,

In a heart that once was filled with love,

Tears was all I could when he did leave.


All I know is that I gave my all,

And that is what love is for,

I valued our friendship as it grew,

For it was a dream come true.


It happened one Monday morning,

The bird didn’t sing; they were mourning,

The sun was sad; it didn’t shine bright,

The wind devastated; it lost its might.


The curtain of a happy ending had fallen,

A loving heart had been broken,

The promises of a happy lifetime no more,

For his life had been cut short at four.


Every night I would dream,

And wake up in a scream,

Hoping to scare away the terrible nightmare,

But reality continued to give me that glare,

That said all that was good now lay bare.


Tonight I was seated alone,

Consoling myself not to mourn,

There he stood, my knight in shining armor,

In the middle of the night, holding a hammer.


“Hold this and fix your life,” He said to me,

“Ahead of you are capabilities you wouldn’t see,

Live life to the fullest, as you were destined to be,

Give love a second chance and feel free.”


There’s always a second chance to love,

One that opens doors you’d have wished to have,

Don’t dwell on the scars,

But rather, look up to the sky and see the shining stars.

@Cecy Gaitho



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