Sensual Gratification

Sensual Gratification

The eyes and the mouth couldn’t resist

Gazing and gaping at the heavenly curves

The beautiful face – complete with dimples

And shy twinkling eyes


And the twitching nose couldn’t fathom

The nirvana of the delightful fragrance

Radiantly dancing around her

Arousing every nerve and cranny

Of the nasal cavity

Then the eardrums went bonkers

When she opened her operatic lips

And sang a sweet soothing song

Electrifying the dulled mind to full yearning


Then as if elated in a dream he reached out

And touched her silky smooth skin

Brushing his hairy bristly scaly bark

A total complementary experience


But it wasn’t over yet

Until their feverishly famished lips met

Tongue touching tongue

And heavens came down

And Glory filled their souls



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