Sunday I met Maria at the bus stop


By Lewis Wamwanda and Ezekiel Immo

Monday I met a lady

Collided with me at the bus stop

Her apologies was a love song in my mind


Tuesday I roamed at the bus stop

In hopes of seeing her

I walked back home on foot

The last bus had left me waiting


Wednesday I made a delivery to a home

The recipient was Maria

The lady who collided with me

And made me walk home on foot


Thursday I pretended to deliver another letter

Found the house empty

And a poster that read

“House to let”


Friday I went for lunch in a hotel

Discovered a hole in my pocket

After devouring meat stew and rice

Maria was there, she paid for the bills and left.


Saturday I went back to the hotel

She sat at a table in the corner

With a man with beards

I lost my appetite and left


Sunday I met Maria at the bus stop

The rains were falling heavily

We shared my umbrella

Today, Maria is the mother to my seven children.


© Lewis Wamwanda

© Ezekiel Immo


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  1. Billie murunga

    Good work…
    Kudos mahn


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