Aunt Waitherero represents your Aunt Pamela, Aunt Philomena, Aunt Filishiba, Aunt Nduku, Aunt Naisuta, Aunt Jemeng'ich, Aunt Farida na wengineo.


By Mundia Ngumi

Let me first acknowledge our peers who because of various unavoidable circumstances were unable to celebrate the holidays. Here are some of the happenings that occurred when you were away.

For those who did joyfully celebrate, congratulations….


May I highlight Aunt Waitherero.

Aunt Waitherero represents your Aunt Pamela, Aunt Philomena, Aunt Filishiba, Aunt Nduku, Aunt Naisuta, Aunt Jemeng’ich, Aunt Farida  na wengineo.

These aunts are made of hard steel. They never tire. They never say die. They call a spade, spade..apana kijiko kubwa.

Such Aunts represent the village women who negotiate ruracio (dowry).

They also accompany area chiefs and local politicians to political meetings.

They handle monies for distribution just in case there are handouts.

They are no cowards. They bear a courageous spirit.

Now, the minute you land in your village probably driving a self owned, black tinted Prado, or a             Vitz, or a hired Noah, those Aunts never get threatened. Even if you landed dressed with clothes from Italy, Turkey or Manhattan, they don’t  give a damn. They gladly appear in your home compound unperturbed, not recognizing or cowed by your newly acquired status. They will hijack your family meeting and raise their agenda nevertheless.

Such are their quips….

Anga niwoiga utung’etie” ( you have finally decided to resurface)

“Na anga ndurarugirio weega thiku ici, Kai wahinja atia” (it’s like you are being starved these days, you look skinny)

Ici ciana itikuhaana” (These kids don’t look like you)

“Mundu uyu Kai utacenjagia nguo” (don’t you change clothes)

In the full glare of your wife/husband, Aunt Waitherero will leak very dangerous info, eg

“Kimani, niui kihii giaku kia Nyawira kiri hakuhi kurua?”( Kimani, do you know your wayward son of  Nyawira is about to get initiated?)…or

“Wanjiku, watuire nyukwa arikureragira mwana utuure uriaga pizza nyairofi?” (Wanjiku you think your mother will keep raising your grown up son while you eat pizza in Nairobi?)

These aunties always bear marriage/relationship shaking info…and if you haven’t met them, I highly recommend to always attend family gatherings for  it’s always advisable to experience them, because they can either make your marriage solid or not, depending on which info they share. They never shy from saying anything.

Most info happens to be the hard truth that bites.

That’s why I always advocate couples to share as openly as possible, because Aunt Waitherero will expose it one day.

Kudos to all Aunts, keep up the exposure. It keeps us strong.


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