Stranded on wrong path


By Muriki Meeme

Life stuck on a edge

Young at tender age

Stranded on wrong path


Hatred he couldn’t understand

Notwithstanding his stressed mind

When dad declined the truth


Poor child disowned by his dad

When dad neglected his own blood

Sent him away from his family


When all was said and done

His refuge was in the town

The boy went to live in the city


Trench food was good for him

Tracing expired bread was a dream

Overnights in the cold and rainy


Bullied and beaten, as a welcome

Coping with life was cumbersome

Until it was all, enough games to play


He fought to win and lose

New members were taught rules

Stories were brief and simple


Cop’s dogs were rough on them

They frightened them time to time

Everyone escaped, not be an example


Street life was hard and tough

Not even water to drink was enough

Still hot target of violence and crime



©Muriki Meeme


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  1. Muriki Meeme

    The street life.Actually life in trench town is is a very miserable life.Full of painful experiences.Thanks admin for publishing this beautiful poem written in Gamo style originating from Ethiopia.


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