By Mundia Ngumi

We, men, were raised up being taught and believing that solely, we are the head, the leader, the patriarch, family breadwinners, and the sole providers. Now, things have changed drastically. As if in a coup, the man has met a powerful woman who is learned, a thinker and financially independent, informed and a strong partner.

Men were not prepared for this transition and now, most are in a shock because they are finding an empowered woman whom they didn’t know existed.

This has left the pre-20th century mentality- man , confused, misplaced , with zero ego and broken not sure what to do, operating like the shaft in the picture below…..once strong, yet so weak.

In Africa, it’s high time the social curriculum is thoroughly reviewed to train and prepare men of this phenomenon of a renewed 21st century woman. How to handle her, how to share responsibilities, is now very different, from how our ancestors did it.

Even our elderly mothers and grandmothers back at home, are not left behind and have been transformed by this new development.

Right now, women are oiling the economies of the world.

The powers of our grandfathers and the absolute authority they carried those days, cannot apply today, and if you force them in your marriage, it will be one nasty experience.

So, it’s absolutely necessary to consult in marriage on a 50-50 partnership basis, where both parties are involved.

I’m looking at today’s woman very differently. If you go to an Engineering class or any other class, you will find girl child competing equally with boy child.

Responsibilities of today require maximum contribution from both man and wife in order to meet financial and other goals, considering rising cost of living.

It’s practically impossible to make it alone, and no woman will stay idle with skills in hand, for she wants to utilize them.

Boy child, it’s time we change our mentality from how we were brought up.

It’s time we agree that our sisters are empowered for real, and will do anything doable and succeed very well.

It’s time we stop thinking “weak” of a woman. A woman isn’t weak. Try them and their strength will make you to know no peace.

You can try to oppress, beat, or torture your woman into submission. Some have gone to an extent of killing them, but, man, you will never succeed.

Get a middle ground, with your sweetheart, the true love of your heart, and form a consultative partnership within your marriage or relationship. If she is not the one you love, then you better warm yourself towards her, or love life will be only be seen by you on soap operas.  That’s the truth on the ground and the elephant in the room, that eating men. Ama, unaona aje?



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  1. Abdulroqeeb Arowolo

    This is inciting enough.


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