Stillness surrounding And   transcending all


By Patrick Ngugi [Kiambu, Kenya]

Stillness surrounding

And   transcending all

In loud sprawling silence


That powerful stillness

Cool and refreshing

Like clear still water

That really runs deep

Experiencing… knowing

Feeling, seeing, tasting, hearing, smelling

Exhilarating agonizing ecstasy

Excruciating delight

Inside discovering outside

Self discovering self

The universe beyond the senses

Exhilaration of the elements

Reunion with babes, beings and bugs

Trekking on this… this … voyage

From self to Self, through

Schools of Hard Knocks

Learning the law of reciprocity

Giving equals getting and

Forgiving accompanies forgetting

Exploring self through dating

Seeing self through their eyes

Their pain – your pain

Their joy – your joy

Remembering the golden rule

Watching with a chuckle

The crawling, standing, stumbling and falling

Recalling – replaying – yesterday’s failures

And leaving the crawlers to stumble and fall

To learn their own true balance themselves

Sunset ushers in nostalgia

Mingled with golden memories

That flash past like smoke of yesterday

Shriveled body is surely slowed down

By aching bones and stiff joints

As the earth spins on unbothered

And the passengers still rush by

In their eternal rush, chasing mirages

And wasteful wayward winds

Experience smiles inside its Self

At the absurdity of it all

Cos things still stand still

And nothing really changes

Despite the rush to escape from self

Struggling to hide our nakedness

From the ever wakeful Self

The dusk arrives without notice

Announcing: Time to go home

To complete concrete consciousness

Cool and refreshing

And knowing the Self

Knowing that I AM





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