It was on the third day of Triza’s return back home from her parents’ house that she had made up her mind to get straight with Erick. What happened between them the day she finally opened up was unexpected. She had no regrets but she had to end it.

They both opened up and old wounds seemed to bring them closer. Too close that Triza felt like she never had left. She was back in the arms of her one and only true love. They had spent the night together and half of the following day. They had made love with passion so deep that left Triza with questions. Erick was married; did he really feel the same way when with his wife Maria? Triza pushed the question at the back of her mind over and over gain. She was certain jealousy was lacing her emotions.

“Don’t start getting jealous, Erick is gone. Gather yourself together and erase what happened,’’ She repeated the same phrase to herself severally.

On this day she was determined to put those words into action. She called Erick. They arranged to meet later in the evening. She felt her heart beam at the thought of seeing him again but she swore to herself that this would be their last meeting.

Finally, the time came and the two met at a restaurant in the outskirts of the city. Erick was waiting at the parking area when Triza pulled up.

“Glad you are here!’’ He pulled her close and hugged her, ‘’I missed you Triza.”

“This has to end Erick, this must end today.” Triza responded as she reluctantly pulled away from his embrace and straightened her back. “Erick, the reason I asked to see you is to end it. I cannot see you again,’’ she stated.

The pain of losing you twice is not something I was prepared for

“Triza are you seeing someone else?”  Erick asked in surprise.

“It doesn’t matter if I am or I am not but you are. You are married Erick. You are seeing someone else behind your wife’s back. I am certain this is not how I want to live my life. This has to end here and now.” Triza insisted.

She watched Erick’s facial expression turn from utter despair, to pain then to something else she could not read through.

“Triza, I know what you are saying makes sense. But the pain of losing you twice is not something I was prepared for…” he mumbled audibly.

They stared at each other as Triza felt every pang of pain cutting through Erick’s soul do the same to hers. Why were they so deeply connected?  She cursed destiny in silence. She shut her eyes tight as the feeling of her old self slowly started creeping back . The wall around her soul started rising, she was shutting down every emotion of her heart.

“I think it’s best for both of us if I leave now. I am sorry Erick; I wish you a safe drive back home.” Triza said, held her head up high turned around and left.  Everything had fallen apart inside of her but her body language was different, she walked in a manner that told the world that she was in total control.

Two months went by, and though occasionally Triza did fight what the memory of her feelings for Erick brought, she felt stronger. The art of being indifferent to the needs of her heart was her game. A game that marrying Mpwe had perfected. Erick never called her after the incident, Triza had no idea how he was fairing. Her focus was on a decision her twin sons had reached. They were sending her away on holiday overseas. She had not yet picked a destination but she was in the process.

“Mum are you alright?”

“Mum, have you made up your mind?” Drake, one of her sons had enquired during a visit. “You always wanted to see the pyramids of Egypt, why don’t you start there. It might open your mind to other destinations you may wish to visit in future.”

“Other destinations you said? How many holidays am I supposed to go to?’’ She had jokingly asked him as she lay a tray with some freshly squeezed mango juice on the table. She poured a glass and handed it to her son, “Enjoy, I know you love mango juice. I made more for your takeaway.”

“Thanks mum for the juice”. He took a sip and smiled at her.”No one makes your kind of mango juice ma, you top them all!.”

Triza smiled. She’d heard all the compliments from her sons on the same issues , yet the joy they brought to her heart was felt anew each time.

“You know, Adam and I were talking and since you don’t have much to do around here, travelling at least twice a year would be ideal for you mum. Who knows, you may just discover a different life while at it.”

“A different life? What other differ…” before the words were out of her mouth her hand flew onto her mouth and she stood up bending forward slightly.

“Mum are you alright?” her concerned son jumped to be by her side.

“I don’t know son. I feel nauseous. It’s the second time this has happened since yesterday.” Triza explained.

“I’ll get you a glass of cold water mum, please hold on”. Drake made a dash to the water dispenser but before he could fill the glass, Triza got up and made a bee line to the bathroom.

Her son sat back at the reception, waiting

When she got out, her son was standing right outside the bathroom door.

“Mum, I don’t know what’s wrong with you but I am taking you to the doctor,now.” He stated as a matter of fact.

“It’s not serious; it’s probably something I ate. Relax son, I promise you that I’d not take a risk with my health. I have two wonderful boys to take care of remember?”

“Boys? Mum, you mean two grown up men who moved out their mother’s pen eons ago? Let’s go see the doctor, if he says you are okay I’ll take the opportunity to take you out to lunch. I am not leaving until we go to the doctor.”

Triza knew there was no point of arguing. What she was certain to be nothing at all was soon going to have her other son speeding home.

“Ok then, but do not alarm your brother because we are going out for lunch. You will see, the doctor will tell you that I am as fit as a fiddle.”

Once at the doctor’s office, her son sat back at the reception, waiting. The nauseous bout had vanished and she felt great but the doctor insisted on running a few tests. Triza almost declined but thought of her son and decided to go ahead. Dr Amanda was the Mpwe’s family doctor. She had run the private hospital with her late father who was also a doctor for as long as Triza could recall. The hospital had her medical history, her sons and her late husband’s, she trusted them.

“Dr Amanda, I will go on and take whatever tests you want me to, but I can assure you there is nothing wrong with me. I would feel it if there was.” Triza smiled.

You of all the people should know that

“You could be pregnant Mrs. Mpwe.” The doctor stated, “But we can only be certain after the pregnancy test.”

Triza looked at the doctor straight in the eyes with deliberate surprise then laughed.

“I could be many things but pregnant Dr Amanda. You of all the people should know that. You and your father have known us for over 18 years, come on now. You may want to suggest a different test, definitely not a pregnancy test!”

The doctor took her statement amicably but asked her, “I know your husband passed away… but your health states nothing that suggests you can’t be pregnant Mrs.Mpwe. And no I don’t mean to offend you; I am just stating the check up you’ve just gone through. So should we run the test now to be sure?”

“But Dr. Amanda you surprise me. Why do you want me to believe you have never looked at my medical file?” An almost irritated Triza asked, “I know you started practicing with your late father here at the hospital seven years ago. But had you cared to check, I had a tube litigation when I gave birth to my twin sons 17 yrs ago. My late husband didn’t want more children. Medically, I cannot conceive.”

Dr Amanda could not feign the look of surprise on her face. “You did? I have your file Mrs.Mpwe and I can assure that there is nothing of the sort in our records.” The doctor stood up and pulled up a file from a cabinet on her left side of the wall. She flipped through the pages and pulled out one for Triza.”

“Have a look at this Mrs.Mpwe,” She handed the sheet of paper to Triza. “That’s your delivery report. Read it. And it seemed you have forgotten that the person who had an operation was your husband. This happened right after your sons were born when he had a vasectomy. I’ll get you his file as well.”

“Well, congratulations Mrs. Mpwe..”

“What on earth are you talking about Dr. Amanda? My husband had a vasectomy? But why was I told otherwise? Your father was my doctor then, and he and my husband told me that I had a tube litigation done authorized by my husband. I gave birth to my sons through cesarean section; I learnt the litigation was done when I was unconscious. “

The doctor pulled out her late husband’s file proving her words to be true.

“But Mpwe, why?” Triza cried out,” Why would he subject me to a lie for all these years? He should just have told me… You know what doctor, let’s just get on to the pregnancy test.”

“Ok then Mrs. Mpwe but I am concerned about what you have just learnt. I know my father was fully responsible just as your husband, so if you wish to press charges…”

“Oh no doctor, I have no such intentions. I’d wish to resurrect Mpwe and make him pay for this but that’s the selfish man I married. I have to deal with what could be right now”. Triza explained,”There is a possibility that I might be pregnant. Let’s do the test first doctor, please.”

The test was soon done and before the doctor could say a word, her face told it all. Triza knew she that she was indeed pregnant.

“Well, congratulations Mrs. Mpwe..”

“Let’s skip that!” Triza cut her short abruptly. “What condition am I in doctor? And before you answer that I’d like to request that I wish to keep this information strictly confidential. Not even my sons should know about it.”

The doctor assured Triza that the informational would stay between them. She was two months pregnant. The doctor assured her that she was in perfect health condition.

“Mrs. Mpwe, do you intend to carry the pregnancy to term?” A concerned Dr Amanda asked.

Triza stood up, smiled at her and shook her hand before she walked out. “I don’t know Dr, I don’t know.”

“Mum! Glad to see you smiling, what took you so long? I have asked the receptionist to let me see you twice but they told me to wait.”

Triza took her son by the hand and walked with him out of the building.

“I told you there’s nothing wrong with me. I asked the Doctor to take all the tests she wished just to make sure. Now you owe your mother lunch. Honor your promise, I am hungry!”

So what happens next? Look out for the final part of Nimo Kuria’s exciting story, THE LOVE BABY.


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