They say Love is red That Love isn't blue or Green, Or purple, or Indigo, Or yellow or Orange!


By Evelyn Ongogo

They say Love is red
That Love isn’t blue or Green,
Or purple, or Indigo,
Or yellow or Orange!

But why Red?
Isn’t Red, the colour of pain!
The colour of a despondent memory?
Colour of blood that oozes from souls severed
By the rugged ridges of life?
Is Red not the hue of the river that flowed from the wounds of slaves slashes and hewn by some cruel hands ?
The colour of pain from hearts broken
Where peace and laughter was raped and lashed by harsh tentacles of war?
The colour that painted the blades of perpetrator-knives flashed in the air in pride of the death they caused?
The colour, that depicts the power of Genocide
And wounds inflicted by the fangs of a vampire!
Yet you call it the colour of Love!

Should love be Red really?
No, I fear a hue of blood for it hurts me to think
I would harbour harsh memories of fatality, Red imaginations,
And dreadful sights of of Red rivers flowing within me

I would have lamented less if Love were black
Because some ‘loves’ are as dull as Grey
True, some ‘Loves’ are like a dull sad song whose sweetness you only force down your throat even at twilight!
And true, some ‘Loves’ are too feeble and sickly even to the touch.
Such are the “Loves” I would call Grey!

I would lament if they said love was white
Because love cannot be sinless
So much love is stained by sinful thoughts of jealousy and pride
Greed and anger
And utmost pretense
But I would pretend less because every love can be cleansed and redeemed.

They say Love is Blind
Tell me why love should be called blind?
Why should true love be blind?
Why should I invest in love that is blind
Yet I want to see tomorrow’s fruition?
I fear a Love that is blind!
Love that cannot see when I am about to be consumed by the one who loves me?
I would have lamented less if love were beige, or brown, or white or Silver!
Because love can all be what you make it!

They say Love is the shape of a heart
Is love really shaped like a heart?
Why not Kidney or Lungs?
A heart that is selfish and lives in solitude!
It thinks in oneness as if life is all by itself?
I wish love would stand like a kidney that works in unity!
A pair of thoughts that agree to work without disharmony
When one fails,
Another will take over and work wholesomely
Not a heart that is full of deception
A heart that kills you by the eye
But smiles by the beats!

I would have lamented less
If love looked like a brain, o a pair of lungs
At least love would have offered an alternative
So when one fails
A part of it is left to support me for another decade
Not a heart that when broken sends humanity to the grave!

I want a love that is kind and tender,
And a little more generous
Love that can spare me the agony of pain-full tears!
Love that is blue and calm
Purple and soft to the eye





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