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By Nimo Kuria

Nadia’s sleep had left her with the arrest of her best friend Delyn.

The episode had been short-lived but extremely horrific and dramatic. In one evening she had a best friend living a normal life across town with her husband and daughter, and the very same evening, there was a murder, someone in custody and a sexually violated child in her hands.

‘’Nadia wake up from this nightmare!” she spoke to her own reflection in the bathroom mirror. She had splashed cold water on her face hoping to think more clearly, she could not help thinking that if she was awake, she had never been more awake in her life.

She walked into her bedroom and quietly tiptoed and sat beside Penny. The little girl was deep in sleep. She didn’t want her to wake up any time soon, she had no idea what to do regarding the promise she had made to the girl’s mother.

“I have to talk to someone or else I will go insane” Nadia mumbled to herself as she walked out of the bedroom and silently closed the door behind her.

She went back to the living room picked up her phone and dialed the number of the only other person she could rely on, her boyfriend Ryan. Wasn’t he a doctor after all? Maybe he could help treat Penny outside the hospital walls.

I need to see you urgently and please don’t ask me questions

“Hallo babe, I was going to call you in an hour,” Ryan said as soon as he picked up her call. “I am still on duty up until midnight.”

“Hi Ryan, I need to see you urgently, and please don’t ask me questions… can you drive over to my house right now?”  A stressed out Nadia responded.

That was not a response Ryan would take lightly knowing Nadia, he immediately thought of the worst. He only asked once and when Nadia declined to explain, he left for her house.

On arrival, he found Nadia still shaken from the whole ordeal and when she explained everything to him he quietly responded.

“I am sorry Nadia that is not a promise you might be able to keep. Reason being, we don’t know the extent of the damage done to the baby and yet still, what are you going to tell Delyn’s family once they come for Penny? What if they are able to figure out what happened to the child? How will you explain it?”

“But Ryan, what do I do then?” a distraught Nadia enquired.

“Take your niece and Penny, we are heading to the hospital right away, and then to the police station.” Ryan stated.

I just want you to remember the promise you made Nadia

“Ryan, I can’t go to the police station. At least to the hospital for Penny’s sake.” Nadia said.

Ryan didn’t push her any further but as they drove to the hospital he insisted that they call Delyn’s brother which they did. He was soon with them at the hospital.


The following morning, the three visited Delyn at the police station after they had acquired a lawyer for her. Later Delyn had requested to speak to Nadia alone.

“I just want you to remember the promise you made Nadia.” She had stated. “I am counting on you for Penny’s sake.”

“I remember Delyn, and I just want you to remember that you are my best friend and I would do anything in my right mind to protect you and Penny” a confident Nadia responded, praying that Delyn didn’t ask further questions.

“I hope to see you in the courtroom at least,” a tearful Delyn spoke out,” thank you for being a friend I can count on.”

Earlier on, Nadia and Ryan had narrated the whole ordeal to Delyn’s brother and just like Ryan, they had convinced Nadia to repeat the same to Delyn’s lawyer.

Truth may be what saves both her and her daughter

Hesitantly, Nadia had obliged.

“I know my best friend may never forgive me for this, but the truth may be what saves both her and her daughter” Nadia had lamented to her boyfriend Ryan.

It took a long time for the lawyer to convince Delyn to plead ‘not guilty’ since she wanted the case be done with and did not care if she would be set free, jailed or even be sentenced to death. After listening to Jackson Mwitiki, of Mwitiki and Mwitiki Advocates, a lawyer with many years of experience, Delyn agreed.

At first she had been angry and felt betrayed when the lawyer told her that her friend Nadia had told him everything that happened, but her anger cooled down when the lawyer explained that her anger against her husband was justified and that in crimes of passion such as this, the sentence would not be too heavy, and she would get to rejoin her daughter sooner or later.

So she pleaded not guilty and the case was fixed for hearing in a fortnight. The lawyer applied for bond, but the magistrate sided with the prosecution of denying her bond until her mental state was assessed since it was feared she could injure herself or other people, especially her child, if she mentally stable.

He died of external and internal bleeding following knife attack

When the case eventually came for hearing, she pleaded not guilty, and the prosecution gave evidence how the accused, Delyn had called them reporting that she had committed murder. ‘’She said she had killed her husband during an argument. We went arrested her at her friend’s house, where she had called from,’’ Inspector Kim had told the court.

There was only one other witness for the prosecution, a doctor, who examined Denis’ body, saying he was dead on arrival at the hospital. He died of external and internal bleeding following knife attack.

Delyn was put to her defense but decided to remain silent, telling the judge that she had nothing to say. She still could not bear telling the world what her husband had done to her child.

Immediately after she sat down, the judge said he would adjourn the hearing so that he could go and prepare the judgment, but Delyn’s lawyer shot up.

‘’Excuse me your honour,’’ he said.

‘’Yes, Mr Muitiki?’’

Mr Muitiki approached the judge, and announced that he had a witness with information that was crucial in regard to the case.

Delyn watched in shock as the announcement was made that she had a witness that had to be heard. She watched in dismay as her best friend was called out and walked to the witness stand.

Delyn cried out loud but was ordered to silence by the judge

“Nadia what are you doing?” Delyn cried out loud but was ordered to silence by the judge.

The entire court went silent as Nadia started to narrate her story. As if that wasn’t enough she had brought the recording from her own nanny cam that had the beginning to the end of Delyn’s narration of what exactly had transpired that fateful night.

You could hear a pin drop as the entire courtroom watched the video of the truth. Delyn had her face covered in her arms all through; Nadia knew her best friend’s heart was broken beyond repair. The only person she had relied on had betrayed her in broad daylight.

As she walked down from the witness stand with tears in her eyes, she remembered what the three men she had confided in had told her: the truth might be what saves Delyn and her daughter.

The court further got to watch the video that Denis had recorded of himself molesting Penny. The lawyer had done a good job, the police had Denis’s laptop and cellphone as well and the court was shocked to learn that besides the pedophile videos he had downloaded, there were other recordings. Denis had a history of molesting children and was perverted enough to record himself. Besides his daughter’sepisode, there were three other unidentified children with him on different videos.

The court adjourned and Nadia was heartbroken when her eyes met with Delyn’s tear filled eyes as she was led back to remand. Nadia felt devastated by guilt.

As young as she was, she never once asked for her father

Back at home, Penny seemed to e adjusting well though she frequently cried for her mother. Her physical injuries were healing progressively. She was too young for counseling and Nadia gave her the only thing she could give best, love. She cared for her everyday reminding her that mummy will be home soon. She assured penny as she prayed that those very words may turn out to be true.

As young as she was, she never once asked for her father. The doctor said that her silence probably meant that she had painful memories but her mind was young to be able to put them in words.

Nadia would often hug her tight hoping somehow those painful memories would just evaporate.

“I promised your mother to protect you. I already did what I believe was the right way to protect you, now may the love she has for you fight for her and for you.” Nadia thought out loud.

Nadia had a lot of hope; the evidence they had against Denis was damming, but was it enough to acquit Delyn of first degree murder? How could her best friend missed to know the psychopath Denis was after all these years? How did they all miss the clues and red flags?

She was lost in her own sad train of thought when her phone rang. It was Delyn’s lawyer.

“Good afternoon Michael” she answered in anticipation.

“Hi Nadia, and good afternoon to you!” Michael the lawyer acknowledged her greetings a bit too joyfully than it was the norm. There had been a lot of tension regarding Delyn’s case that there hadn’t been anything to smile about.

There is a possibility of murder in his hands

“Michael, you sound delighted.” Nadia noted. “This must be good news you are about to deliver.

“Yes and no. it’s both good news and also very shocking” Michael responded.

“What has happened Michael, I don’t know how much more shocking or bad news I can handle, but please start with the bad. I am stronger when after I have dealt with the worst.” Nadia said.

“Ok, I’ll get straight to the point. “Stated Michael, “the shocking news is that one of the two children who were unidentified in the videos found in Denis laptop could have easily have died in his hands. There is a possibility of murder in his hands”

“You mean to tell me that the two children have been identified??” Nadia asked sounding hopeful.

“Yes Nadia that’s the good news. Both their parents are willing to stand in court as witnesses” Michael replied.

He further explained that one of the little guys who was now deceased was Denis niece. The day she died, apparently of drowning, Denis was with her and other members of the family. No one truly knows what happened but it was Denis who discovered the girl already dead, she had drowned in a swimming pool. Michael the lawyer explained that the parents suspected foul play, the child had evidence of sex abuse but no arrests were ever made. The police hit a dead end with the case. But according to the parents, the dress the girl was wearing on the video Denis had recorded was the same she wore the day she drowned.

They identified Denis as the guy who absolutely loved to baby sit

The other little girl belonged to a neighbor of one of his exes. Apparently the parents never noticed that their daughter had been abused until they saw the video. They identified Denis as the guy who absolutely loved to baby sit their daughter back in the days. Both cases had happened over 4 years ago.

“Michael, this is the best news I have heard since the night my best friend walked into my house and narrated what had transpired. I have been living in a nightmare ever since.” Nadia explained,” I feel like there must be a chance for us to wake up from all this.”

“There well might be Nadia.’ Said Michael. “And the fact that the judge has accepted to let them stand in as witnesses, I can clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

The two said their goodbyes and agreed to meet in court.

When case resumed, there was hardly room for anyone who wasn’t there at least ten minutes earlier. The larger the crowd grew the deeper did Nadia’s soul sink. What her friend predicted had happened. The entire world was going to know what Denis had done to his daughter penny. That was a bridge Nadia was ready to cross regardless of the consequences. It was also a chance for a set of parents to know what had befallen their daughters. Delia had married a pedophile and a psychopath; his sister too had a chance of knowing what happened to her daughter. Nadia could not imagine the pain she was going thru knowing that her own brother had sexually violated and killed his own niece.

Nadia could not help thinking that Denis’s own sister would have killed him had the truth come out while he was still alive.

Denis’s own sister would have killed him

It was another day of pin drop silence in the courtroom as the two witnesses took to the stand. The pain the two parents exhibited as they narrated what had befallen their children had many wiping off tears with their shirt sleeves in court.

And it was that very day that Delyn opted to tell the truth. She told the court all the nifty gritty details of everything that had happened that night before she drove to Nadia’s house.  And as she completed telling the tale of her changed plea, her eyes moved to her best friend’s side and the two started at each other. Nadia didn’t know what to make on the look on her face, but then she smiled. Delyn smiled after months of a face that told the story of an ending pain. Dalia smiled back and somewhere in her mind, she knew she still had her best friend.

When judgment was finally delivered, Delyn was acquitted of all charges. The court argued that no parent could have been in sane state of mind having to witness what Delyn did.

The day she was set free, Dalia was waiting outside with Penny in her arms.

As mother and child embraced in deep emotions Dalia, with tears running down her cheeks, muttered.

“Penny, your mother’s love for you has fought for both of you.’’

The End

©Nimo Kuria



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