By Nimo Kuria

Nadia had just put Trisha, her 5 year old niece to bed then found her way back to the living room.  She reached out for the TV remote control as she sat down but her eyes wandered off to the hidden nanny cam behind Trisha’s portrait on the wall. She had formed a habit of religiously reviewing everything that had been recorded whenever she was away.  This she did despite the fact that she had faith in her domestic manager.  The articles she often read or viewed in the media of child abuse kept her peace at bay, at the back of her mind, anything was possible. She took no chances.

At that thought, she reached out at her laptop.

She was about to log in and review the day’s recordings when her phone rang.  She took one look at the caller on display and answered it on the first ring.

“Hey Delyn, are you good? Why are you calling this late? Are you ok?” she asked. This was her best friend. Nadia knew Delyn to live by the rules she had set regarding putting her family first. She neither made nor answered her cellphone after 8 pm unless it was an emergency. It was a quarter past 9 pm according to the clock on the wall; something had to be a miss!

“No I am not ok Nadia, and I can’t talk anymore on phone. I am on my way to your house. I am driving so don’t call me back, and also, I have Penny with me.” A rather too cool and collected Delyn answered.

“Wait; wait Delyn… at this hour? Where is Denis? Is everything alright?” Nadia quickly asked. Her mind had suddenly gone frantic with numerous questions but instead of any answers, the line went dead.

“What could the matter be? “ Nadia spoke out loud to her already confused self. “Why is Delyn driving to my house this late with the baby? And where is her husband Denis? Why was he not with Delyn? Had something happened to him? Clearly it can’t be their daughter Penny, Delyn already stated she was in the car with her, what is going on?”

Nadia paced up and down in the living room, hopelessly realizing that none of the questions she had asked herself had brought any answers.

Had Delyn and Denis fought? Had they really? These two were the epitome of a perfect couple and ideal marriage. Nadia had never before seen a couple as in love and in sync with each other as Delyn and Denis were.

The happy love birds wedded after three years of dating

In the beginning, when Delyn first introduced Denis to Nadia, her personal but unspoken opinion had been different. Denis seemed kind of “offish” to Nadia in a way she was not able to put into words, it was a feeling she could not describe. She had waited and waited for the man to give her genuine reasons for her mistrust in him but Denis appeared to be perfect. As far as Nadia would recall, he seemed to be making Delyn happier and happier as days turned into months, and months into years. With time, Nadia shook off the nagging urge to dislike him and started appreciating him instead.

The happy love birds wedded after three years of dating and were blessed with a beautiful baby girl a year later. They named her Penny.

Then what in the world would have sent her best friend driving across town in the night, with a baby on board? Nadia figured out the best person to call and enquire from had to be Denis.

She dialed his number and held her breath; she was starting to think that maybe the two had finally had their first “big fight”. Wasn’t it normal to have at least a fight or two even in the happiest of marriages? Nadia convinced her mind that if that was the case, she was only going to assure Denis that Delyn was on her way to see her thus lessening his worry.

“This man must be going crazy especially if Delyn had stormed about without saying where she was headed,’ Nadia thought “that’s how dramatic we women can be.”

Nadia had stopped pacing around the room and she prepared for the first words she was going to blurt out should Denis be upset. But the phone rang and rang. She called again and again and gave up on the fifth round of unanswered calls.

“Pretty bizarre,” Nadia spoke out loud, “what is going on really? Delyn is out there driving to my house alone with the baby and Denis will not as much as pick up my calls? Well then, I will just have to wait for her to get here. She will tell you all about it when she finally gets here.”

No sooner had she attempted to sit and wait when the doorbell rang sending her jumping up again.

She rushed to open the door.

There was a hardened dead cold look on her best friend’s eyes

“Delyn is that you?” she unbolted the door and flung it open.

Standing before her was her best friend with a sleeping baby clad in a bathrobe. Her face looked ashen and her eyes looked as cold as ice. Delyn looked like nothing of her usual self. She too seemed to have wrapped herself with something larger than a shawl.

“Please come in,” a panicked Nadia ushered her friend in the house and offered to take the sleeping toddler off her mother’s arms. “Have a seat please, I will put penny to bed with Trisha and then we can…”

“No!” Delyn suddenly interrupted,” just lay my daughter on your bed then come and listen to what I have to say. Hurry up please, I don’t have time.”

“Ok” Nadia answered. She did not agree because she thought it was the right thing to do but there was a hardened dead cold look on her best friend’s eyes and tone of voice that made her realize that this wasn’t the time for arguments. “Ok Delyn, I will be right back”

As Nadia laid Penny on her bed, she noticed the child looked rather over stuffed with garments but she had to talk to Delyn immediately, so she left the room without examining her further.

Delyn was pensively pacing up and down when Nadia walked into the living room.

Nadia took her by the hand and they sat down side by side on a coach.

“Please tell me what has happened, I am listening.”

“He is dead Nadia, I killed the bastard…i stabbed him to death” Delyn responded as she stood up and pushing back the large jacket she was wearing. The white tee shirt she wore was bloody stained and the horror of her best friend’s sight sent Nadia jumping to her feet.

“Killed who? Whom did you kill Delyn? What on earth happened?”

No one must know what penny has gone through

Nadia observed as her friend’s stare turned even sterner and her voice crispy cold.

“You sit down and listen to me! You are the only person I can trust. You must promise me one thing and swear upon your life that you must keep the promise” Delyn stated.

“What have you done Delyn? What are you talking about??” a shaken Nadia mumbled.

“Just sit down and listen to me, please!” commanded Delyn.

Nadia sat down staring at her best friend in utter disbelief. She had to hear her out. She knew her friend way too well and although she was certain whatever was about to be revealed was life changing, something inside of her still gave her a benefit of doubt. Had she gone suddenly insane? She thought as she gathered the courage to keep an open mind to what her best friend was about to say. Was her friend depressed and she didn’t know? Delyn was many things but a murderer wasn’t one of them.

‘’Ok Delyn, talk to me.” Nadia mumbled yet again.

“Promise me first!” Delyn insisted.

“Promise you what Delyn, you have not told me whom you killed?

“It’s not whom I have killed. We can’t change that and I have no regrets whatsoever, it’s about Penny. You must protect penny. No one must know what penny has gone through. It’s for her sake Nadia. I will be prison alright but she must never find out what happened to her or who did it, it will destroy my daughter. Promise me that you will protect Penny.”

“Delyn, isn’t penny alright? She was sleeping when you brought her in, wasn’t she? Is that girl not ok? Let me check on her..”  Nadia attempted to stand up but Delyn pulled her back to a sitting position.

Nadia reached out and held her sobbing friends shoulders in disbelief.

“She is asleep because I sedated her. I gave her some piriton syrup Nadia. She was in pain when she woke up. I didn’t know anything because I came home late from work. She kept waking up and I’d soothe her back to sleep. It wasn’t until I decided to change her that I realized that she was sore, he raped my baby, and he raped my little girl Nadia.“ Delyn suddenly broke down and started sobbing with so much anger. “He raped his own daughter, his own flesh and blood! He violated her and put her back to sleep. And the bastard still lay with me when I got home.”

Nadia reached out and held her sobbing friends shoulders in disbelief.

“Denis did that? Are you talking about your husband?” Nadia enquired.

“Yes, Denis raped my baby Nadia’’ she responded bitterly, “that animal did it.”

What Delyn was saying was too shocking to be true. Nadia was certain there must have been some sort of mistake.

“Delyn listen, I know how terrible all these sounds but are you sure? Did you ask him?”

‘’No Nadia, I didn’t. I wasn’t sure what had happened so I went to the computer to check on the baby cam recording. That’s when the unbelievable happened. There wasn’t any recording the entire evening, meaning he had deliberately switched it off. I assumed he had switched the connection to the app in his phone, so I went to the bedroom to get his phone. Something inside me warned me not to wake him up, so I slowly moved his cellphone to his phone to unlock with his finger print. After unlocking his phone, I came across the recording. He had not used the baby cam; he had recorded himself violating our daughter. I also came across several other videos he had downloaded in his phone, the bastard was a pedophile. They were all of children sexual abuse. “

“Oh my God….Denis is a pedophile?” Nadia exclaimed.

“No! No doctors Nadia! “

“Was a pedophile Nadia, was…” a sobbing Delyn explained. “He is not going to ever hurt another child. I was overtaken by anger and pain of betrayal Nadia; I didn’t want to ever see that beast awake. I walked into the kitchen came back with a knife and stabbed him right through the heart.”

“Oh my God no….. Delyn!” Nadia cried out.

“I did it for Penny, I did it for my daughter Nadia” Delyn explained. “And now I am going to call the police. I am going to tell them that we had a disagreement and I killed him. But Nadia you must promise me one thing and swear upon your life…”

“If its Penny, I will watch over her, but we must get her to a doctor first! “ Nadia cried out.

“No! No doctors Nadia! “Delyn warned “that’s why you must promise. Promise me that penny will never know that her father raped her. Promise me that you will cover up for her, this whole ordeal will definitely attract media coverage, I am not scared to go to prison. I’d kill Denis again if I have to for what he has done to penny if I had to. But no one must ever know what he did, it would ruin my daughter’s life, living with the knowledge that her father sexually violated her is too much for me to bear. Promise me Nadia, promise me now!”

Nadia could tell from the way the whole situation was unfolding and her best friend current mental and emotional condition, there was no way out of this. “I promise to do as you say Delyn.” She responded.

“You promise and swear upon your life!” Delyn insisted.

“I promise and swear upon my life that I will never let penny know that her father, that idiot Denis violated her sexually.” Nadia promised.

“Alright then, I trust you. Whatever happens from now henceforth, please take care of Penny, I trust in my heart that you will, “Delyn wiped off her tears and reached for her cellphone. “It’s time now Nadia, it’s time to give myself over to the police, please remember, I only came here to bring my daughter and then give myself up to the authorities, you know nothing more..Ok?”

Nadia felt a lump go up her throat; her heart was breaking for her best friend and for penny. She had been crying too, the pain of what this evening had brought along was unfathomable.

“Ok” she responded, tearfully.

She watched her friend call the police on herself, she listened as she narrated her version of the story that she wanted to stick with. She said she had a fight with her husband, that she had killed him in a fit of anger. She said she had driven to her best friends place to bring her baby. She gave the address and hanged up.

It wasn’t long before the watchman came to the door followed by two plain clothes policemen.

What happens next?

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