Its 10.00 pm on a Sunday night, when I normally have fried chicken, ugali and kachumbari ya Mombasa, a meal that guarantees sound sleep.
I lock the doors, switch off the light.

Shortly, I snore into slumberland.

Knock knock……I peep into the night, through the door glass and I see a short, well rounded figure of a beautiful woman.
“This must be her,” I tell myself.
” But what was her name? Was it Ann? Or was she Kui, or did that name start with V or N?
Nkt, I clicked and got angry with myself. How could I forget the name of the most beautiful, kind hearted, and a rosy career woman that I met and fell in love with?
Sometimes I fail to forgive myself.

I widely opened the door, grinning widely, and openly hugged my dream lady very tight for a long moment.
My heart beat fast, my blood pulse rose, I could easily feel I was losing breath because Right in my arms, I was holding my dream, the woman of my life.
We initially had met at a social gathering. Her brother Tin had invited guests and one of the guests had asked me to accompany him for the function, therefore I was a stranger amongst friends.

I could spot a polite, well mannered, jovial, short, well rounded beautiful lady serving us and when it was my turn, I intentionally asked her an attention seeking question….
“I surely need to take this food served by you, you look awesome and I like your height, and what’s your good name?

Ngwetha kihiki kiega very beauty….sweet music thudded from the massive speakers….so, I didn’t comprehend the name clearly, and she was gone. My eyes could trail her every move, for this particular lady mesmerized me.
Kwani there still exist love on first sight? I wondered.

After the speeches, her brother closed the ceremony, and he particularly mentioned her sister in the vote of thanks and that answered my hard question.
“May I take this opportunity to thank bla, bla,bla….and also my sister, ako wapi?” She raised her hand and wore her characteristic smile, “who has made this occasion a success. I pray that God will bless you this year with a home”.

That’s why I looked for her, introduced myself, got her number and gave her a firm handshake before I rushed back to pick SGR back to Mombasa.

The phone calls that followed sealed several manenos that made us so tight, amicable, compatible and loving.
My long desire had just been fulfilled and especially, after my wife and I parted ways, I had stayed lonely for quite some time bringing up the kids and it was time to look for a life partner to continue with the rest of my life…..and here she was.

Back to the house. ……That’s the longest hug I had had in my life. Pouring my heart to a lady whom my heart fully loved.
When I let go, both of us had teary eyes, we could not mutter any words, we just held each other on the sofa staring at each other like both of us had reached….the way you reach your destiny after a long tumultuous journey.

I rushed to the kitchen, pulled some snacks and tea which we took joyously.
A sip of wine and it was time to go to sleep.

Krrrrrrrrrrr, krrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, kiri kiri kiri kiri…… The alarm bell rang long and loudly as if it had some beef with me.
I cursed it …how now?
It was 5.00 am, time to wake my son to go school.

Some dreams hata hazina aibu, nkt. Nimeamka!

Nevertheless, I got her and she is mine.



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