Cliff has been thinking of moving out, moving out of his father’s compound. But those aren’t exactly his thoughts… They are from his wife to be.

It’s been eight months of bliss since Carol came into his life. This compared to the story the past has in store, is paradise. Carol’s second name is love, third name is joy and forth name is peace. Cliff would call her by many names and probably substitute the name Carol for respect. She is the ideal wife material. The perfect piece of cloth described in Proverb 31.

Cliff works eight hours a day, sometimes more at the family business across town. His dad on the other hand takes advantage of his only son’s commitment to the business by staying home to run family affairs. The family affairs are many and in need of a sober head and the man does it well. But unbeknown to Cliff, lately, these family affairs Mr Kiko runs are slowly becoming Carol’s secret nightmare.

From an outsider’s point of view the Kiko family is every neighbour’s goal. Cliff, their first born son was an only child for over 15years. The couple Mary and Kiko had long given up on their ability to add to creation when they were blessed with triplets. The two boys and one girl are eight years old and a handful to Mrs Kiko.


When Cliff graduated from college, along with his degree in business management, came Besh. Mary disliked Besh at first sight but she was not the one to discourage her son or his choice of a life partner.

Mary’s only wish was that Besh would not have been a bully of a woman who often made the gentle Cliff apologize for sins he had not committed, after a year and a half into the relationship, she became a threat at the family business. Besh had taken over the running of everything and everyone with an iron fist. Mary’s cries of disapproval to her husband had her forced to retire from her position as an account at the construction company she and her husband had started from scratch.

“Mary, I know you don’t particularly like Besh but it is time we all agreed young blood is doing better for the business.” Her husband had stated.  “You also know very well that we will soon hand over the business to Cliff and his wife to be and the sooner we give them more space, the better. You don’t need to work anymore and have Besh wrecking your nerves every day. Stay at home and take care of our triplets. You can surely trust us to provide for all your needs and more. ”

This had not gone down well with Mary, but being a woman of a meek spirit topped up with long suffering in silence, she obliged.

Days turned into months and Besh’s head grew bigger and stronger than life. Soon one thing led to another and she got violent towards Cliff. The situation deteriorated to a point Besh would threaten Cliff with the possibility of her turning him into a step son. All this time, Mr Kiko acted both dumb and blind to the chaos Besh was bringing.

Things were different this time

One Friday evening Cliff left for a drink with the boys, and as always the family expected his car to pull up at the gate come midnight. That didn’t happen. Cliff moved out and a month later rumors had it that he had a new apartment across town and a new girlfriend.

That’s how Besh moved out.

It had taken the family a long agonizing time to convince their son to move back home, which he did eventually. Things were different this time round, his new girlfriend Carol had no intention of working for the family business, since she had a business of her own. She was a fast growing tenderprenuer. Even though her job entailed driving around to seek for orders or to deliver, she primarily worked from home.

Things were working just fine for the couple until Mr Kiko decided to start spending more time at home than at work. Carol loved Mrs Kiko wholeheartedly but something else bothered her. Mrs. Kiko was hard wired to be loyal to her husband through fire and storm. Her soon to be mum in law was intentionally blind to the roaming eye of her husband. Carol had heard of the horrible experience Cliff’s ex girlfriend had put the family through. Carol loved Cliff with all her heart and since her father in law to be had started hanging around more at home, Carol knew her love life was threatened.

Had Mr Kiko not only suddenly developed the desire to learn everything on tenderprenuership making Carol his sole tutor, the old geezer clearly had other plans. The kind of side looks he gave Carol unnerved her. The looks had graduated to unacceptable carelessly thrown comments from a father in law to be to his daughter in law to be. Carol had taken it upon herself to let Mary know what was happening but the woman had seemingly done nothing about it.

She sold the idea of moving out to Cliff

Determined not to be the reason her boyfriend’s family shattered, Carol came up with a plan. She was making good money with her tenders and she had confidence in her boyfriend either working alongside her or trying something new apart from the family business. She sold the idea of moving out to Cliff.

“Cliff, since I have a reliable clientele in this town, why don’t we move out so that I can extend my business elsewhere. You do very well at your father’s company but don’t you think it’s time you started something that is entirely yours? I have an income we can depend on until things work out for you, that is, if you don’t like the idea of being my fellow tenderprenuer”

Cliff had embraced the idea and started planning on it. In the process, he mentioned the same to his parents.

“Carol and I will be moving on with our lives to a different town. I thought it’s important that I give you both a notice since i will be stepping down as the Manager of our family business.”

As always, Mary his mother was supportive of his son’s new idea.  His father on the other hand asked Cliff to give the family more time before he carried on with his plans and Cliff agreed.



A week after the discussion, Kiko drives home from work in the mid afternoon. As always, he spends time with his wife and children and excuses himself to go to Cliff’s house to discuss something important with Carol.

Carol lets him in reluctantly,

“You are home early sir” She mutters.

“I am Carol; I’m here to give you what you need. I’ve heard that you and Cliff are planning on moving out but for what Carol? You two are soon getting married and that I own will be yours. All you have to do is seal the deal here and now. ..”

There and then Kiko reaches out, takes hold of Carol’s waistline and attempts to kiss her.

“You filthy man!” Carol spits out as she fights her way out of his grip and pushes him right through the open door.

Taken aback, Kiko quickly collects himself and vanishes towards his wife’s house.

Carol picks up her cell phone in anger. She intends to call Cliff and tell him everything but she changes her mind.

She sits behind her laptop and writes an email addressed to Cliff directly.

Darling by the time you read this I’ll be gone. But in case you wonder why Besh behaved the way she did, I’ll tell you all about it. Cliff, if you didn’t know, your father… “

Half an hour later, Carol is throwing what belongs to her in the car when her phone rings.

It is Cliff. She disconnects the call and drives right out of the compound. She is certain Cliff has read the detailed email she has written to him and no, she is not going to stick around to see how he is going to handle the truth. She loves Cliff but if he isn’t going to deal with his family’s mess and catch up with her, she knows she is gone to go.

From her window, Mrs Kiko has a first-hand witness glance at what her husband has attempted to do to her soon to be daughter in law. She has also watched Carol across the same window seated behind her laptop, Carol’s anger vibrating from Cliff’s house to hers. The energy is tangible

She has watched Carol pack and leave with her cell phone still ringing. She knows very well who she is calling. Her husband is seated in his home office as if nothing had happened. Mary Kiko’s phone rings, it is her son. She answers.

“Mom, I’m coming home… “ And he disconnects.

Mary looks up through the same window unto the sky; she felt her tired heart thud louder than usual.

“There will be a storm tonight… “She whispers to herself.





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