This man, Kiumbi, meaning creator, was a tall, not very handsome guy. He hailed from a poor family. His father eked a living by herding cattle, while his mother used to tend their small farm.

Kiumbi was an ambitious chap, though he didn’t perform well in school, he really struggled to portray educated attire. He always spoke English language with an accent. If you spoke to him in native or Kiswahili language, he responded in polished English with a twang and he would delve into many informed topics to show off his intelligence.

Kiumbi used to carefully select “camera mtumba” shirts, trousers and coats and he would clean them and iron them neatly.

The sharp haircut was done after every three days.

He always wore stiletto boots and sharpshooters.

He would rather offer free chauffeur services in people’s cars, or borrow/ hire cars, just to show people, he has made it in life.

In essence, Kiumbi simply wanted to paint a picture of a rich man from a rich background.

This kind of lifestyle earned Kiumbi his other target, girls and women.

He changed them like children’s diapers.

Such people always win ladies who are not confident and are looking for moneyed men. He would dangle car keys, wear expensive cologne, and wear dark glasses and would always drink hot ones in exclusive pubs.

Now, this morning, we have received a photo of Kiumbis’ abode.

Here it is.

Be the judge.

Mundia Ngumi


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