Tomorrow will always be tomorrow


By Lewis Wamwanda

I wonder why people call tomorrow, tomorrow

Yet I see no sense in their choice of words

Not that I don’t trust them

But I still wonder what to believe

Does tomorrow ever comes?


The other day I heard people talk

Silently I waited for each to speak sense

But the whispers from their mouths

Spoke of their great plans of tomorrow

But to let today slip as they sleep


Tomorrow I will wake up early

I promise to tend to my garden

Tomorrow I will pay all my debts

Tomorrow I will repent all my sins

Tomorrow I will fight my fears


Let’s be honest, at least for once

An honest answer will do us good

Does tomorrow ever come?

Or tomorrow will be tomorrow

That is the day after today


Tomorrow I will visit my mother

And buy a packet of sugar for my siblings

A warm coat for my father

And the neighborhood will sing of my success

Not today, let me go home tomorrow


I laugh at these plans,

Not that I don’t believe in any of them

Or the speakers words of wisdom as they say

No, I trust their words to the latter

But, what day is Tomorrow?


Have you ever noticed that

Tomorrow will always be tomorrow

That we only have today for our plans

To clean the dirt from our coats

And wipe the specks off our eyes?


Tomorrow never comes

And grandpa used to tell me

He has waited for tomorrow all his life

And even when he breathed his last

He kept saying that tomorrow never comes

©Lewis Wamwanda

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  1. Cynthia

    Tomorrow never comes. Get to use today,now,and that’s all for counts.

  2. Steve Owili Jowi

    great work

  3. Baya Osborn

    Splendid work Sir, I felt every part of it. Tomorrow never comes, it’s up to you to make your today good.
    But I had a question on the first stanza the last line, should it be ‘come’ or ‘comes’.
    Great work Sir.

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