We remember you, you who give yourselves of yourselves


By Mwaniki Muriuki

We remember you, you who give yourselves of yourselves

To fight these deadly and viral deaths: Ebola and Corona Viruses!

You who have avowed your souls and given them up to the entreaty:

‘In the face of death who am I? Just another victim waiting to be taken!

And to death they give themselves unto themselves

Unsure if whole again they will reappear

To families’ whose tears they left to dry on their eyes

Worry and sorrow to be their everyday soul

To where many frightened chaotically flees

There with brittle yet determined soul they lead, they head

Here where every Media, paints GORY, DEADLY, they have no fear not to fear

Here where many are of ONE BRUTAL THOUGHT and INHUMANE ACCORD:

Intervention is by lockdown and controlled neutralized extermination

But here in your humane hearts, here you go to give humanity hope

Here, on these frontiers fatal, theirs is a no choice not to dare to conquer

Here where death compassionate, carefree caresses souls before it takes them

Here where death has no need to wear its mask to hide its brutal, heartless face

Here where it even lingers on who to take at the click of every second

Here, they dare to dance with it in its game of hide and I seek!

Their difference with it-darling death, a little of human knowledge

About those who death deceases but not of all that is of the viral diseases

Yet with courage and hope, with fear but greater fortitude

There they go, there they go to perish or to come back alive again

With morose memories of the miseries or the sweet stories of the victories!

© Mwaniki Muriuki 2020


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