What happened to… Walikwenda wapi?

What happened to… Walikwenda wapi?

The witty
Back in high school, there used to be very witty characters. Those who used to smoke cigarettes and bhang. They used to “monolise”  Form 1s, and were the same characters who sneaked regularly to smuggle in the much forfeited fortune of Elliot’s bread. Some would also manage to get some nights at girls dormitories and would always find themselves in trouble with the administration. Walienda wapi…could it be they became preachers and corrupt government officers?

The lukewarm criminals
These students used to play safe. They were neither criminals nor good pupils, but used to play neutral and according to the song. They were never caught on the wrong side of law, but would always mislead others to misbehave and make innocent souls to suffer.
Such students would make much noise in class, but would wake up at 3.00 am, to study. They would make up in the top 20 positions, while others would tail.
Wamekuwa  nani… policemen and CID officers?

The saved
These are the students who looked sacrosanct. They were saints. Never to be caught in the wrong. It’s like they lived up there in heaven, just next to Abraham.
Christian Union was their thing, some very good boys and girls. Most were prefects in dorms, dining hall and library. Mlienda wapi wapendwa… Or you just became good parents and nurses?

The confused
Some fellas were the confused lot. During CU, they were holy, during bashes and parties, they became wild.
Some would smoke forbidden items but secretly hidden in toilets. They were smooth and sweive in their talking,  always playing to the gallery. They had a convincing tongue. Many students lend them monies which they never paid.
Mmekuwa kina nani… the ever troublesome politicians who eternally raid our coffers?

Kijana/Msichana mzuri wa baba
These were just good people, very good. Nothing much to add. Just good fellas…kumekuwa aje……..or have the people described above made your life so difficult that they squeezed you into the slums? Me thinks.

Did I leave you behind, and which classification are you.



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