Born in a poor nation


By Muriki Meeme

Many people ask me
Who I am and where I come from
But when I explain to them
It is like I entertain people
But I have to be easy and simple
Since I am a man of low profile
Born in a poor nation
In some parts of this world
Where we only have one staple food
Our children suffer from malnutrition
A nation where leaders embezzle public funds
And we still hero-worship them in our streets and media houses
The education is made so expensive
It only the rich who can access it.
The government borrows more debts than it can repay
Criminals walk freely in the streets
Sometimes they tease and threaten their weak victims
Because justice has been made blind
The arm of the law has long protocol to follow
It is hard to catch the big fishes
You must grant them their wishes
Because they have money to buy their freedom
There is nothing you can do about it
The society that’s stressed and depressed
Ignorance and weird things go viral
We are fond of sharing memes and pocking funs
Even to the most shocking situations just to call for public attention
We gather and post the unrealistic to spread rumours and humour
Where we fight one another over political differences
Every day there is a brand-new crisis
We love fantasies more than realities
We just live in fools’ paradise
But when  I look into the future
I see the day that’s brighter

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