By Muriki Meeme.

I’m poor
So that I’m limited financially
But enjoy mental freedom to infinity
So that nobody will understand what is in my mind
And not tell whether I’m a fool or a wise man

I’m poor
So that I don’t buy land from poor widow
And later on chase her away without giving her notice
Because I want to build a big bungalow on that piece of land

Im poor
So that I don’t get richman’s disease
And end up travelling to India for treatment
Instead I join others to attend our local clinics
Where we queue to get free pills to cure common cold and relieve headaches

I’m poor
So that my people don’t give me a political seat
Because I will become corrupt and drunk with power and pride
Then I become greedy for money
Where I may start stealing public funds
Ask for increments in salary
And advanced allowances for luxuries

I’m poor
So that I and my family
Enjoy free movement and safety
Without hiring night and day security
To safeguards us and our property
Thieves and robbers won’t break into my house to steal nothing
Instead we will sleep and groan freely
And also have a peace of mind thought out

I’m poor
So that I lack education
For I won’t be jealous of giving back to the society
That I shall not despise and underestimate my illiterate neighbours

I’m poor
So that when I go to places of worship
I’m not accorded V.I.P seat
For I shall not give out heavy tithes and offerings
That will support the deacon
To purchase a black limousine
To travel with to heaven
After the end of the mission

I’m poor
So that I don’t have business partners
So that I am not that famous tycoon
Who smuggles maize from Brazil
As local farmers have no buyers
Yet they can be good suppliers
Or I oppose the regime in power
That sends mafia to murder me in cold blood
As my wife and children are just watching

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