Why I became dumb in my house

Why I became dumb in my house

After my new job after college, I didn’t take much time to enjoy in clubs and discos; I hurriedly got married in two years, and got a child a year later.

I was this kind of a faithful young father who dearly loves his family.
Our boss was a flamboyant Kikuyu lady with 4 children, married to a lesser privileged gentleman, who at one time used to be a kibarua.

My boss’s libido was unusually high, she always giggled to any handsome man she came across. I doubt his husband was sufficient.
Now, it was my turn to be giggled at, for I was the newest employee.
My mind had never ever thought or registered that such crap exists on planet earth, for I had all along been brought up in church, and I was much serious.

Since I had no Ill intentions, I could always share my experiences with my wife.
This evening, I did share with her the day’s happenings, and this particular day, the lady boss had literally locked the office and misplaced the keys. I think she had intended to get me despite evading her many approaches.

I was categorical never to get into such an act, Joseph style, and on this evening, I literally did the same. I wore an expression she had never seen in her life, ignored her, and told her off. I went out through the fire escape.
My boss couldn’t believe her eyes.

I shared the story with my wife that evening as usual, while we were taking githeri, my wife was seated right opposite me, also feeding the child.
When I finished the story, and when I had focused on 9.00 pm news, she hurled a plateful of githeri in to my face together with the plate. The stew was all over me in my office shirt. The porcelain plate cut into two, leaving a deep wound on my left hand.

At first, I was shocked, and I stood slowly, walked gently, took the child aside to a safer corner. What followed was a thorough beating that I swore never to beat a woman ever again in my life.

And that’s how I became dumb in my house, never to share life experiences again.
I also got sacked a week later.



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