With You I Have Everything

With You I Have Everything

I exist because

Of your grace and mercy

On this lowly creature

Bearing the image of you


My body – this temple

With amazing network

Of blood, bones and brain

Was just a lump of clay

Divinely conceived

Through intercourse with your spirit


That unconditional love

Enabled me to see

With the light you created

When your eyes blinked

And the universe appeared

Bringing forth

A feast of rainbows, ridges and rivers

Reflecting the beauty

In your infinite Mind


Enchanting melodies

Of bugs, birds and bees

The cry of new a new born

The giggle, sigh of a lover

Would be a muted chasm

If the vibes that you made

During your cosmic dance

Never reached my ears

Which you gave me freely


Sensuous smell of steamy sweat

Fragrance of fresh flowers and ferns

Aroma of drenched earth

Would have no meaning

If your Godly sneeze

Hadn’t reached my nostrils

On that day of creation


Mouthwatering dishes

Crispy fruit, seed, root and shoot

Refreshing drinks of water and wine

Would be dull- meaningless

But for the tantalizing taste buds

That you injected in me

Without a second thought


Everything I own

Everything that will be mine

I have received

Through your mercy and grace

And I wouldn’t be here, without you

For without You,

I don’t even exist









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