You Came You Saw You Conquered

You Came You Saw You Conquered

Return my heart

If you won’t love me

Give it back to me

And let me live again

Instead having to cry

For you each and every time


Once I was free

Once I was happy

Day and night was same for me

But then you came, you saw,

And you conquered


Your smile, your eyes, your touch

Your lullabies killed me

They stole my mind,

My body, my soul, my heart


Id found a different joy

As our laugher mingled together

And our touch, our caresses

And kisses dissolved the universe


Our hearts beating in unison

Eyes gazing gloriously into captured eternity

Our lungs breathing in unison

The exhilarating breath of passion

Dazzling poor me even more; for

You came, you saw, you conquered


But did you have to fly away

Oh you wandering fluttering flirt

To seek more thrilling realms

To capture more hearts and souls

Leaving me heartless, an empty yearning shell


I am now exhausted

Crying for you every minute of the hour

Yes, I now want to live again

So if you won’t love me

Return my heart to me

Release me to my freedom

And let me live again

– 181213

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