By Jedidah Ohanga

The day was quite chilly, and Zoe felt very lonely. So lonely that she didn’t care whose company would make her feel warm.

She took her phone and went through her contact groups. One of the groups contained contacts of all her six ex-lovers, all of whom she knew like the back of her hand; what they could do and what they couldn’t.

She knew who was good in lovemaking, cooking, shopping and taking care of her small and tender needs. She was considering dumping her current boyfriend who had cheated on her with her cousin, but he was yet to earn the ‘ex’ title.

Zoe always moved on fast; she had no time for negotiations or reconciliation or even second chances. Once you cheated on her you automatically became a terrorist. You became a non-issue until she had no option but to look back and see if making love to you one more time would be worth her pride.

One thing men loved about Zoe was her smart way of handling issues. She never minced words and never acted desperate. If she wanted to be made love to she would speak it out without pretending. She would call and remind a man of one night they had wild sex and how it felt and how she missed that particular part where he screamed and fell on her, his body full of sweat.

Then she would go like “I think a remix of that night would be a best-seller and I need you so badly. If you said yes, good for you, if you said no, she would make you feel less of a man. She would twist the whole story and tell you that she was only playing mind games with you. She’d say she just wanted to know if you were wise enough to keep off her.

She needed new fragrance, new flesh, new lips and most of all new tactics.

Zoe was just the kind of girl a man would not easily let go off.

On this particular day, she found herself in a cold zone. No lover and looking at the recycle bin of ex-lovers she saw no one worth calling. Her appetite for that day was quite high; she needed someone worth the ride.

She needed new fragrance, new flesh, new lips and most of all new tactics. After going through the bin twice and then back to contacts, the name Kelvin caught her eyes…..” Kelvin, Kelvin….who is this” she wondered aloud.

She then jumped and laughed loudly when it hit her hard who he was. Kelvin was a car dealer she had once met when she was looking for a personal car. Her best friend Erin had introduced them, but apparently, he had a thing with Erin and according to the vague stories Erin told her, Kelvin was a bomb, not only in bed but all around. He was generous, caring, and very communicative.

But when she met him, she felt totally nothing for him even though she saw he was attractive, but he was her girl’s man, off limit, no touching, no wanting, and no salivating. Keep off.

And just like that Zoe got the opportunity to call Kelvin, not only to “buy a car”, but to buy the whole package of the car and the car dealer.

She immediately dialled and Kelvin answered after two rings. She was surprised that he remembered who she was. That was a plus and it would make her work easier. After greetings they went straight to business.

She turned herself seriously on even before she stepped out of her apartment.

Zoe said a friend needed a car, but she was on the road travelling to Mombasa. She faked the type of car the friend needed and asked Kelvin to send her photos of the same through whatsapp so that she can in turn forward to her friend. He did that immediately.

After an hour she rang him again. “Kelvin we have a deal. She is interested and has asked me to come and see the car physically on her behalf and at least go for a mini test drive before she arrives. Can I come now?”

“Ooh yes, you are welcome Zoe.”

“I will take a taxi, then you can drop me back while test driving. Is that okay?” she asked.

“Zoe this is business you are giving me. I am at your service”

And that is how Zoe got a sweet easy deal to get into Kelvin’s pants without caring that two days ago, he was in her best friends arms. She only needed him for a few hours, not forever and since they had met before, there was no time for introductions.

She would just play her kinky cards right, get laid and say goodbye and buy the car mentally. She turned herself seriously on even before she stepped out of her apartment. This was the day she was going to sin. And God had to be ready for a big confession thereafter. She felt a bit wet, but since she had showered, she just went to the toilet, wiped herself clean and called for a Taxi. She texted Kelvin “I am on my way”.

She had a look at the RAV4 and fell in love with it herself.

On seeing her enter his showroom, Kelvin stepped out of his small but executive office to welcome her in. He was equally excited to see her. No man could resist Zoe’s beauty; she was a lady of class. The air around her fresh all the time and she had a radiant smile that melted many. She was the kind of a lady who would cause a traffic jam, or turn heads.

Even women admired her. She was witty, down to earth but secretly, very devious. Those who knew her well, kept their distance when it came to crossing her path. She never forgave easily and could hold on to a grudge until one apologized to her publicly. Zoe was naturally a spoilt brat … always wanting to win.

They hugged tightly and to her that was the first sign that she had won. Her mission was to see the car, go for a test drive which would land them at her house and the rest would be chemistry. They exchanged pleasantries and went straight to business.

She had a look at the RAV4 and fell in love with it herself. She wanted that car, and since there was no “friend on the road” coming for it, she had a chance. She loved cars and her late husband left her with enough cash to play around with.

She got married at 24 and two years later her husband died mysteriously. They had no kids, and so Zoe had to move on, with various samples of men but with no intention of settling down.

She had a few business of her own and was also employed by her father as a consultant in IT department, but hardly went to the office.

“I think I will buy this car. I can tell my friend she missed it by seconds,” she said while patting Kelvin on the back.

Zoe loved showing off and being in charge.

“What if she sees you with it later on?”

“Cars look alike and this has no number plate yet.”

“You are a smart lady, Zoe.”

“So how much are you selling it for?”

“Mmmmm for you 3.5 million”

“Damn! Negotiable?” she asked teasingly

“Yes depending on which side of my bread you will butter.”

“Now you are talking my language. I think we are good to go for that test drive.” She said as she entered the car swiftly. Kelvin went to get the papers, just in case cops decided to pinch something out of his pockets.

The distance from the showroom to where she lived was a good enough distance to find out if the vehicle was perfect or not. She drove the car out of the showroom in style. Zoe loved showing off and being in charge.

You don’t know me at all

She drove and enjoyed the comfort of the car. She really didn’t need the car but since it would come with a ‘Trophy’ and ‘heater’, she had to show interest … a lot of interest.

In 20 minutes time, they reached her apartment. The caretaker opened the gate. She had to pack it and see if it would fit well in the vacant parking space. Of course, there was no need for that coz that space was big enough for a canter, she wanted Kelvin to come in and once the gate was locked, he was home. She invited him for a glass of juice.

“I think we better start the negotiations from here and continue in your office on Monday. I can’t pay full cash at ago, maybe two to three installments.” she said as they went up the stairs.

“I will have to consult my business partner about the installments. Not that I don’t trust you, but it is the first time you are buying from us.”

“That is fine, you can keep the car until I clear the payment because I have another car already.”

“That is not a must Zoe, I know you and that is surety enough.”

“You don’t know me at all. I am not your everyday girl on the street, I am the street itself”, she said and laughed loudly.

She welcomed him in her large sitting room which a had two seven seater leather sofa sets, two glass coffee tables, a huge dining table fit for a family of a football team and two reserves.

“You have a beautiful home Zoe. How do you feel living here alone?”

In one corner was a glass wall unit full of wine glasses and music CD’s. A 50 inch Samsung TV was mounted on the wall, and just below was a wooden stand, on top a 5 Sony music changer. The whole floor was tiled with a shaggy brown carpet placed right in the middle.

Zoe was well organized, comfortable and contented. She needed nothing from a man except attention and physical satisfaction. Her ego was always activated and she hardly took no for an answer.

She went straight to the kitchen and fixed Kelvin a glass of cold juice which he served him with a smile.

“You have a beautiful home Zoe. How do you feel living here alone?”

“Quite comfortable. I love living alone because most of the time I walk around naked. I don’t like clothes unless I am going out,” she replied confidently.

“I agree with you on that. Erin told me you are a computer genius. You don’t look anything like it.”

“What do I look like, a nurse?”

Kelvin was sipping his cold Juice nervously as if he was in a cage.

“Not a nurse, more of a model. But they say never judge a book by its cover”

“You are right never judge a book by its cover. So how are things between you and Erin…hot?”

That question caught Kelvin off guard and Zoe noticed. She quickly excused herself and went to the bedroom. She came back in black jeans short and a white vest. She quietly walked to the cabinet, took out a glass and a bottle of whisky.

She fixed herself a strong neat drink in the middle of the afternoon. She went and sat right opposite Kelvin crossing her legs neatly. Her skin was flawless, her thighs thick enough to make a man unzip.

She wasn’t going to waste time counting one to ten before hitting on Kelvin. He wasn’t welcomed there the whole day. He had a business to run and she had a body that needed treatment.

Kelvin was sipping his cold Juice nervously as if he was in a cage. She noticed that and to make him relax, she asked him if he needed a stronger and warmer drink like hers.

Ooh Lord of mercy let him say yes. I have gone into so much trouble to bring him here, let him not go without performing the duties for which I brought him here she prayed internally.

Her blood boiled and suddenly the room became dark

“Yes please, give me something strong before I rush back to work.” Kelvin replied innocently and Zoe smiled. He didn’t know what was in store for him. She fixed him a drink and sat right next to him. Time wasted never returns and there is never any mission impossible. Where there is a V and a D……the future is ValiD….

“Kelvin you are a nice guy, and to be honest I like you. Not only today but from the first day I saw you. I know you are seeing my girl and trust me I respect that very much. But you see you ain’t officially married and I guess you are still single and can mingle once in a while without hurting anyone. We are both adults here and I am sure you know what they say about Vegas. What do you say?”

“You mean right here, right now?”

“Yes Tiger, right here right now”

“You are a go getter just like Erin said. She warned me about you many times and now I know why. You have what it takes.” Kelvin said and slowly placed his hand on her thigh.

Her blood boiled and suddenly the room became dark. She turned her head sideways and gave him a tender look. That look that speaks louder than words coming out of a microphone. I WANT YOU!

“I am glad she warned you about me. Erin is smart. She knows what I am capable of, but she trusts me too. I am not gonna warn you not to tell her about your coming here. In fact I don’t give a damn whether she finds out or not. I am not doing this to hurt anyone, this is who I am now, after so many fucking heart breaks and playing miss nice to stupid men who couldn’t keep their pants on.

“I stopped loving. Love is for the birds. I want to be happy in my own special way without anyone controlling my life, my movements and my brains. I want my heart to do the job of pumping blood, not missing men. My mind should think of investments and building empires, not wondering where bae is or who he is with, why he has not texted, is he coming tonight, and will he take me for dinner or not. All that is now meaningless to me, I want to enjoy my life without attachment to anyone. It is true I want to buy that car, but I think my body also needs a man like you right now” she explained.

And with those few remarks, she placed her glass on the table and Kelvin did the same. They looked at each other lusciously and the next minute their lips were locked in a kiss that was as hot as lava coming out of a volcanic mountain.




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