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By Jediddah Ohanga

An hour later, she saw him off to the gate and promised to meet him on Monday at his showroom to complete the paper work. She would definitely buy the car, for a change no matter how both Kelvin and Erin would react to what she was just about to do.

Zoe needed two hours of deep sleep before making that important call. Revenge was best served cold. She had recorded everything just in case Kelvin denied the whole rendezvous. Memories of how she had watched Erin make love to her boyfriend through their bedroom window flooded back to her.

She couldn’t wait to throw it all on her face. She dumped Calvin that very day and never told him why, but stayed friends with Erin planning her sweet revenge. She never told any of them that she had seen them caressing and giggling like small rats in the same bed she had slept with Calvin many times. It cut like a knife.

Of all the men she had loved before and after her husband, she believed Calvin was her soul mate. She still missed him badly, but truth was that he had moved on.  He had married a girl from the village and they had one child already. They were not in touch, thank God he had moved to another town.

She had watched that scene in her mind for a whole year before erasing it and planning on her revenge. That was the only way she would have peace. And finally she had executed her revenge without much ado. And if need be, she would keep doing it as long as Kelvin needed her.

Back in the house she switched off her phone and went to her bedroom to take a nap. It didn’t take her five minutes before she fell sound asleep.

After all, he was just like any other man – not to be taken seriously

She woke up at exactly 5pm, and memories of what she had done earlier with Kelvin put a naughty smile on her face. She jumped out of the bed, rushed to the bathroom and splashed water on her face before going to the kitchen to look for something to eat.

She settled on a mango. Later she switched on her phone. There were two text messages. One was from her mother, checking on her and wondering when she was going to visit her.

The other text was from Kelvin…… “Damn girl, you are and enigma. I can’t even work. You are what I have been looking for. If all women would be like you in bed, I guess men would be caged. I miss you already”.

She smiled and replied “You know where to find me”. Next she took a selfie and sent to him with a caption…..“For your eyes only

Whether he replied or not was not important. After all, he was just like any other man – not to be taken seriously. Her heart had been broken and it was still in pieces and nobody would break it again.

It was time to call Erin and do what she had wanted to do for a whole year. She called her and Erin answered immediately.

“Hi Erin, I hope you are not so busy right now”

“Not at all sweetheart, did you manage to see Kelvin?”

Thirty minutes was like 30 years given what she had in mind.

“Yes I did, what a gentleman. I found the car my friend needed and much more.”

“What do you mean much more?”

“Why don’t you come to my house I explain it all to you. I am sure it will be music to your ears”

“Mmmmm you sound excited. I guess you want the car for yourself you selfish woman.”

“You are right my darling. But come fast, there is something I want to share with you regarding the car.”

“Give me thirty minutes, I was just about to go pick him up, but I will tell him not to wait for me.”

“Fine, but don’t tell him you are coming to see me, he might feel offended that you are choosing me over him. You know how petty men are and I don’t want to create any tension between you love birds.”

“I agree Zoe. You are right”. Erin agreed and hung up.

Thirty minutes was like 30 years given what she had in mind. When Erin arrived at her door step they hugged and pecked as usual. But she saw the strange look on Zoe’s face. It was a devious look. Obviously she was up to something but what. “I don’t think she found out about me and Calvin. It has been a year,” she thought.

You stole my happiness

 “You look strange. What happened? Did Kelvin tell you something bad?” she asked Zoe in a rather panic tone.

“Kelvin didn’t tell me anything bad Erin. This look is the same look I had one year ago when I went to visit my soul mate, the love of my life Calvin. It was a surprise visit and you can’t guess how it turned out.

While passing by his bedroom window to go knock at the main door I heard noises, so I decided to peep, and to my surprise, my best friend, and my sister from another mother was with him, naked right there in front of me, fondling giggling like it was the beginning of a honeymoon cruise. You do remember that day my dear? Don’t you?”

“What are you talking about Zoe?” Erin asked with a surprise look on her face.

“Bitch please, stop acting smart. You know damn well what I am talking about. Don’t tell me you have forgotten who Calvin is and how you pretended to me that you hated him and yet you were having an affair with him behind my back.

“You both broke my heart and since then I have not been able to move on and love any man whole heartedly. You stole my happiness and turned me into this hateful and devious person. I stopped trusting people and despite having everything, the only thing I really desire most is what I can’t have, that is true love and happiness” She continued.

After pacing for a minute and sneering at Erin….

I am not interested in any explanation

“Anyway let me not bore you with my personal life. I am glad that I have told it to you right on your face. I kept quiet because I didn’t see the need of fighting another woman for a man yet there are so many fish in the sea. True Calvin is the only man I ever loved so deeply, but I guess you had designs for him too. But in the end we both lost him,” she said and walked to the cabinet to fix herself a drink without asking Erin if she would have any.

She didn’t want to take much of her time.

“I am so sorry Zoe. It was just one time and I regretted it. I had gone to look for you because your phone was off. Calvin convinced me that you were with another man. I felt sorry for him, we got into chatting and drinking then one thing led to the other. I didn’t mean to hurt you or take Calvin away from you. Please kindly forgive me” Erin said.

“That sounds so ridiculous my dear. I am not interested in any explanation. I dumped Calvin without giving any explanations. I told him I wasn’t ready for deep love. If he could sleep with my best friend, then how many others was he playing me with? To cut the long weird story short, I got my revenge today and I feel so happy, not that it was the right thing to do, but because I had to finally heal.

She moved closer to Erin and laughed sarcastically.

“This might hurt you real bad, just like I got hurt, but then again, I don’t give a damn about you or anyone else for that matter. I slept with Kelvin this afternoon and wow, he is just the lead lay! I wouldn’t mind doing it again and again, but I am not interested. He liked it too; in fact he just sent me this message.”

Why are you doing this to me Zoe, why?

She tapped her phone and read the message loudly to her.

“You pathetic liar, Yes it is true I slept with Calvin, but my Kelvin would never do something like that to me. He loves me and he knows you are a wrong number,” Erin shouted at her.

“You don’t have to shout, remember you are in my house and I can easily knock out all your teeth and say it was in self-defense. Kelvin is a man, and all men are weak. It took me minutes to have him in my arms. He did it, and I have a video of it. Call him if you want, if he denies it, I will show you the video, if he cares for you, he will say it is true and he will beg you for forgiveness saying it was a moment of weakness and that he will never do it again. But if I give him another chance, am sure he will take it in a flash. That I know for sure,” she said and laughed on Erin’s face and she saw tears hanging in her eyes.

“Why are you doing this to me Zoe, why?” Erin asked tearfully.

“Erin, revenge is best served cold. That is a lesson to you. What goes around comes around and believe me, I haven’t hurt you yet so don’t push me. I don’t hate you; you and I are still friends. My home is open to you anytime and I wish you a good life with Kelvin that is if you can find it in your crazy heart to forgive him.

“I am going to buy the car on Monday, and trust me even him if you confront him about what I have told you, he will choose business over you. So be careful how you handle this. Now get out of my house and never come back” She said and stood up waiting for Erin to leave.

“I can’t believe how hateful you are Zoe. You, sure is a devil”

You lose some, you win some and life goes on.

 “You should have thought of that before seducing Calvin. At least I have been honest enough and told you on your face. Get out you shameless woman; get out of my house. OUT.’’

And just like that, the friendship between Zoe and Erin ended. Even though it still hurt so badly, Zoe had to live with the fact that Calvin was never meant to be hers. Immediately Erin left her house, Zoe made a call to Kelvin and told him everything and the main reason why she decided to sleep with him.

He laughed it off and said Erin will have to live with her mistakes and that he had nothing to explain to her. They were not married. She was just his woman like any other woman on the streets.

Erin confronted Kelvin that night and he played it cool as if it was normal. He told Erin that he was free to sleep with any woman of his choice until the day he will settle down in marriage. “If that hurts you so much and you can’t handle it then you are free to go;” those were his final words to her. And on whether he would continue sleeping with Zoe, he told her it was none of her business.

The following Monday, Zoe strode into Kelvin’s showroom as if nothing serious had happened between them.  She made a down payment of 40% for the vehicle’s cost and paper work started. She was to pay the rest after two weeks and then take the car.

“I am sorry I had to use you that way, but as I said before, if and when you need my private services, you know where to find me” she winked as she took the receipt for the deposit.

“I will definitely be in touch Madam. You are one of a kind” he said with a wide smile. They hugged and he watched as she cat-walked, swinging her voluminous behind along.

She was at peace with herself. You lose some, you win some and life goes on.





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