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Rehema M. Kiteto

Rehema M Kiteto is a graduate of Bachelor’s of Arts, (sociology & literature). She is an author of one children’s book; Hell in the Backyard & Other stories. She is currently freelancing as a book editor and creative writer. She is also a passionate social worker, currently operating extensively at her Ward of residence; Samburu found in Kwale County. She is a mentor of many teens in schools and even outside school. She believes that Networking and connecting is the surest way of finding solution to our problems.

She can be reached though  



"You have to write the book that wants to be written. And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you write it for children."

-Madeleine L'Engle

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By Ridwan Bello, Kaduna, Nigeria The journey began and eschewed Deep through the valley, the shadow line As the sea goddess watched over head That of father right within my…


By Margueritte Mokgaetji Pitjeng, Veszprem, Hungary. The hate you give is euphoric A form of ecstasy that leaves me anorexic A fool in love is what I’ve come to be…


Na Ayieko Jakoyo Ujana maji ya moto, walishasema wahenga Sura huipa mvuto, ukaishi kwa kuringa Ujana kwelini moto, uakao bila kinga Ujana kama ukungu, huyeyuka liwakapo   Ujana uingiapo, inda…


By Shehu Mubarak Sulaiman, Kano, Nigeria I run from the far Sahara through the Sahelian Kano to the fertile lands of Benue I am North A spring of wisdom I…


By Ayieko Jakoyo, Naivasha, Kenya Here I am, Fixed behind these cruel bars, Eyes separated from the beautiful world, Hair interlocked, to form dreads, Toes infested with jiggers, face full…


By Aslam Bamba, Tamale, Ghana How could they have missed God’s eyes? Didn’t they feel shy or fear in His presence Or they sold it to the dogs in that…

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